Designer Swimwear for Mature Women

Timeless Designer Swimwear for Mature Women. Constructed with attention to detail, superior quality, timeless style, and a sophisticated feel. Shop our famously fit swimsuits for the mature woman. These classic swimsuit styles are timeless and a must-have for your local beach day or yachting in St. Tropez. The BeachCandy Brand focuses on making sure women of any age can feel their absolute best in a swimsuit. Each of our swimsuits are cut and tailored to exude confidence and sophistication through support and extreme quality in fabrication. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit.

Mothers Run the World

Mothers run the world and are always putting their child’s needs before theirs no matter what the circumstances are, and unfortunately, their generosity gets taken advantage of and the world forgets to realize that mothers are humans too. Their own needs and wants to get suppressed with no outlet to satisfy their desires, but have no fear because Beachcandy is here. Beachcandy is here to relieve some stress in a particular area where mothers struggle with, bathing suits. Beachcandy has put mothers at the forefront and is designing swimsuits that fit their lifestyle. The mission is to design swimwear for mothers who want to put their kids first, wile giving confidence back to themselves. No mother will compromise their motherly instincts to take care of their kids, so Beachcandy wants to support that responsibility while also reminding mothers too not forget to take care of themselves as well.

The design of the swimsuits targets on making stylish swimsuits with a  focus on coverage, comfort, and support to make any swimsuit activity worry free. Eliminating the stress that unwanted body parts will be showing, or comfort level and support won’t be met is Beachcandy’s job on resolving. Their goal is to make sure there is support for everyone’s needs, even including the kids, so mothers can be able to play or run after their child while feeling secure and confident at the beach or pool.

Its time mothers have control again and that starts with feeling good about themselves self so that they can please others around them. These specific key design elements are directly targeted toward mothers who want a mature look so that they feel appropriate but still kicking it like the hottie mom they are. Mothers are strong and these bathing suits are here to support that strength while giving power back to where it deserves. Because mothers, what you have been DOING for your kids, Beachcandy is NOW doing for you FIRST. Enjoy being human again in Beachcandy swimsuits, and remembering your just as important as your kids are.

ELLEN Best Bikini TOP

Introducing the  Push-up Halter top that is versatile for mothers in any breast size seeking sexy peekaboo cleavage in a gorgeous trendy supportive top. Whether you’re on the smaller size wanting that extreme lift, or on the larger size wanting support to give structure and shape, this is the top for you.

Considering that mothers bodies go through a lot from birth, to sea-sections, to then breastfeeding, breasts get compromised and therefore make it hard to find bikini tops that fit them well. The bathing suit industry has lacked in this area, creating an environment where trying on bathing suits become discouraging and a drag. Beachcandy has realized this problem and has created an entire company that sits on these ideas.

The goal is to allow confidence back into mothers again, so they can feel good about themselves. This top has been one of our best sellers because it’s fit for you, not the other way around, and our customers agree, and which is why they keep coming back. The bigger breast ladies are not considered in the bathing suit industry, thinking that bathing suits are one-size fits all, but beach candy is unique to any size, and if the size isn’t there, personal customization can be altered to fit the needs.

From size A to E cups, a variety of colors, even customizable, every woman who has tried on the top has loved it. From fit to form the design is elegant and functional to satisfy every mothers needs to feel sexy and confidence again. Continue reading for pairing bottoms.

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is another fan favorite and pairs great with the Ellen Best Bikini Top, and or any other top you like. This bottom is a great solution to controlling tummy concerns,while giving emphasis where wanted. The ASHLEY is designed without jeopardizing, or hiding you body completely but allowing security where needed.

Empowering women again is the drive of the suits, by highlighting the beauty that lies in different areas of the body, to make women feel unstoppable. The ASHLEY is catered towards flattering any shaped body by accentuating curvey features or emphasizing different silhouettes that boost positivity in spotlight areas. While eliminating attention in not so favored areas, the design of the suit is high-waisted, with extra lining in the tummy, and a purposeful seamless edge to eliminate restraint.

The intentionality of this suit is to create comfort while looking sexy for a worry-free day to relax at the beach or pool. Celebrating all size bodies is the mission at Beachcandy so we want to express that in our suits, so you feel your absolute best.

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is the go-to for mothers who still want that flirty young look, but without giving up too much coverage that makes them feel inappropriate. You can feel good and look good whether playing with your kids or relaxing waterside this bottom is fit for any occasion.