Beach Cover Ups

Swimsuit Cover Ups

Complete your look with one of BeachCandy’s exclusive cover-ups, our beach cover-ups are the perfect accompaniment to any BeachCandy swimsuit. We offer a variety of trendy pieces that fit all personality and body types. Find the most unique and trending styles swimsuit sarongs, chic tunics, open sexy caftans, and tropical beach cover-ups. From chic prints to classic colors, you can always count on BeachCandy to be elegant and timeless.

Hot Maxi Dress Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Maxi dresses are always fun because they are perfect for transitional periods from day to night in the summer. Check out a few below to find out which best suit you.

The CARNIVAL Maxi Cover Up is a must-have staple maxi dress cover-up. Great for all women all sizes and is one of our best beach cover-ups we have created. This beautiful swim cover-up dress can be worn over any of our Beach Candy swimsuits or as a glamorous night out on the town. Offering great sun protection through its fabric and accentuates feminine beauty in all the right curves. This cover up swimsuit dress comes in so many varieties of color, detailing and versatility that there is a definite reason why this is one of our best swimsuit cover-ups this season.

High Neck Cover-Ups

Another maxi to reach for this summer is the ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up. This one is perfect for those who like to walk on the wild side. If cheetah print strikes your fancy, and you just don’t feel like yourself without it, look no further. This is one of our most exciting patterns. This floor length dress is made for a royalty, with the regal high-neckline which provides excellent protection from the sun, adorned with our finest beads, it is bound to make you feel powerful. Live out your best African princess fantasy and walk along the safari side of life this summer.

For those who don’t share such feline tendencies, and feel more like themselves when shrouded in never-ending lace, the SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover-up is a great fit. This dress is slinky and sensual. When walking along the poolside, it’s difficult not to turn heads. The lace will compliment the golden bronze of a summer tan, tracing and curving along every extremity and asset of the body. This dress is fit for a goddess. Pair it with a strappy pair of sandals and gold bangles to complete the look. This season, you are the goddess of the pool party.

Cover Up Wrap Dress

If something slinky and feminine is what you’re after; the FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress is your best bet. This one is very romantic with the ruffles draping along the body. The way the fabric wraps around your curves is most flattering. The most confident babe around, you’ll glide along the shore with ease. Fall in love with the open back of the dress as a cool breeze ruffles the garment. To complete the look, pair the dress with your most delicate rose gold earrings. You’ll feel like you just stepped out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, surveying the beaches in search for your long lost lover.

Open Front Cover Up

Additionally, should the need to feel like a mermaid arises, the NIKKI Open Front Cover Up will help you live out your shipwreck fantasy. This is a strapless lace floor length dress that splits right beneath the breasts, giving a dramatic train-like effect. Take full strides along the rocky shoreline and imagine being the stranded love interest in your favorite Rachel McAdams movie. Feel the wind cause the hem of the dress to billow behind you as you gaze into the sunset. The ease and relaxation this brings will have you in love with the outfit in no time. Pair with a dainty necklace that falls on the collarbone to compliment the strapless neckline. Or, if at a pool party, pair with your floppiest wide-brim hat for a more glam look.

If a posh pool party is more your speed, the RHANDY Caftan Cover Up is going to be the one for you. This dress is perfect for a relaxing evening, armed with a glass of wine in hand. The plunging neckline shows off just the right amount of cleavage, which is further accentuated by lace detailing. This dress has wonderful movement for every stride due to the thigh length slits on either side on the dress. The sheer fabric is perfect for showing off a new summer tan, or your favorite BeachCandy swimsuit. Pair this dress with the biggest pair of sunglasses you own to really hone in on the mood.

Fringe Boho Cover-Ups

Fringe is always fun for the summer time because it is sexy and creates movement with every step. If that sounds enticing, check the options below to find the one for you.

The perfect dress to dip your toe into the world of fringe, the Festival Fringe Tunic is fun and flirty. It’s full coverage, tan, body con dress, with fringe following the trim of the sleeves and the hemline of the dress. This dress is great during the day time because of the full coverage fabric, which will help protect the skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Wear it to a fun music festival, or to a late night pool party; this dress is perfect for dancing to today’s top beats. Pair with some tortoise sunglasses for some extra sass and complete the look.

Fringe Tunic Cover Up

Further, into the fun world of fringe, the Fringe Tunic Cover Up is a must have these summer nights. It can be worn two different ways, as a dress, or more as a shawl. In either option, the fringe drapes along the body in a way that will be sure to draw attention. It shifts and swings as you walk, which is half the fun. The other half is when you start dancing, and the fringe dances with you. So, grab a glass of chardonnay, grab your girls, and get ready for a night of mischief and glam.

Something to be worn in a more casual setting, the Fringe Skirt Cover Up is perfect for afternoon poolside lounging. This is a skirt that has fringe hanging from the waistband, that swishes along the hips. The band is flexible and soft, so there is no need to worry about any circulation restriction for the tummy. A more casual setting is great for this cover-up. Pair this skirt with a wide brim floppy hat and your favorite big sunglasses.

Try our Tie-Front Cover Up

If something sassier strikes your interest, the MICHAELA Knit Tie-Front Fringe Cover Up will satisfy. This is a robe with gorgeous fringe detailing. At each seam, the fringe hangs and drapes from the body. Choose to leave the robe open for additional sex appeal, or tie it in the front for some sexy sophistication. Either fashion of wearing it is a good look. Pair it with some aviator sunglasses to amp up the sass effect, or with a BeachCandy swimsuit with extra Swarovski crystals for more drama. This robe will make you feel expensive, so wear it on a yacht, or better yet, on the deck of a cruise to the Caribbean.

The aforementioned cover-ups aren’t enough for you, and something spicier and sexier is desired. The Sexy Fringe Cover Up is going to meet those expectations. This is a dress made to be worn under the most sumptuous of conditions, low light, a glass of wine, and music everywhere you go. The long length fringe drapes and trapezes across the body, accentuating every curve and a bronze summer tan. Pair it with some gold statement earrings only, let the dress do the talking for you. This dress is perfect for those who want something to match the strong confidence they feel inside.

Sexy Tropical Tunics

One of the most classic options, the tunic is something for everyone. Usually short and sexy, or fun and sweet, it’s hard to go wrong with a tunic.

The CHARLIE Short Tunic Cover Up is breathtaking and effortless tunic cover-up ready to shine at any poolside party or any beach outing. This best cover up bikini has a drop “V” plunge front with a short hemline for feminine appeal with the right amount of coverage. The white beach cover-up is our most sold color of this style with our Genuine Swarovski Crystal “Candy” neckline. These long sleeve cover ups add dimension through the short hemline, high-quality lace cover-up, and the slightly sheer fabric.

 Add Some Exotic Tassel Trim to Your Beach Wardrobe

For a more playful option, the Bali Crochet Tassel Mini Tunic is fantastic for the summer. The high neckline is made up of crochet flowers, in bright and cheery colors like blues, yellows, pinks, and purples mirror the back of the dress, which is tied together with large white tassels. The trim of the dress is accented with a perky ruffle, which only adds to the fun-spirit of the dress. It’s flirty; it’s sweet and light enough for the sweltering heat. Pair this dress with a bright pair of sandals to compliment the flowers in the dress and contrast the white base.

Additionally, should something more simple be of interest, the CHERI Lace Up Tunic Cover Up is a fantastic option. This one is great for almost any occasion, from the beach to cruise, to the pool, it covers all the bases. It’s a short, long sleeve dress with a plunging neckline with crisscross detailing and two tassels hanging from the cleavage. The long sleeves are great for sun protection. This dress comes in two fun colors, black, and Rosas, a pinky nude, which makes it easy to match with any swimsuit or any accessory. Pair with some beachy wedges to elongate the legs and amp up the sexiness of the tunic.

Try a Tunic with a Wild Snakeskin Print!

If the color blue is your color for the season, the COBALT Snakeskin Tunic Cover Up is the one for you. The snakeskin pattern of the dress feels wild, and the bright blue of the fabric further compliments that. The dress hits mid-thigh, and the hemline drapes in a handkerchief like fashion. The long sleeves will be perfect to protect against the sun, just pair the dress with your favorite hat and sunblock, and there will be no need to worry. This dress compliments either location, the beach or the pool. A must have on the next summer vacation.

For a more romantic feel, try the DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress. The dress has a high low hemline which intersects at the neckline, which then is braided along the neck. This dress moves as you walk, and is especially impressive should there be an innocent breeze. Perfect for all occasions, wear it on a honeymoon, to the beach, on a cruise, or by the pool. This dress is certainly a classic. For extra romance, pluck a small flower from a nearby bush and place it behind the ear. Lounge by the shore feeling flirty and free in this cute cover-up.

Shop our Must-Pack Sarong Wrap

These bathing suit cover-ups beauties are the perfect touch whether you are poolside or at the beach. Not only does a coordinated kaftan or sarong wrap complete your swimwear look, but it offers comfort and coverage while popping up to the bar for a Pina Colada.

One of our favorite pool cover-ups is the SABRINA Versatile Four-Way Cover Up. This versatile beachwear cover up allows you to wear it in four different ways to fit any look! You can wear it as a one-shoulder dress, strapless dress, as a boat neck or skirt! It is also available in a variety of colors that will pair perfectly with any colorful BeachCandy swimsuit you choose. These swimsuit wraps are perfect for determining different coverage each year. Our cover-ups are wrinkle-free, and the ideal accessory from pool to party.

Sexy Beach Wrap

Shop our sexy beach wrap, available in a long or short cut for an incredibly chic look. Our MARIA Sarong Wrap is a must-have staple for the polished poolside look. Don’t forget to add a BeachCandy Swimsuit to your cart before checking out!

Our MARIA Sarong Wrap: Available in a Long or Short Length

Another fun option is our MARIA Long Sarong Wrap. This is perfect for those who like a little more coverage along the tummy and the thighs. It can be worn and tied traditionally along the waist, or switch it up and tie it along the neck for it to look like a mini dress. The possibilities are endless with this sarong. Wear it by the beach or by the pool; this is a staple for this summer. Offered in five fun colors and patterns, it’s easy to find a sarong to match with any of our BeachCandy swimsuits. Who knew this sarong could feel oh-so-right?

For those who like to show off their tum and their legs, the MARIA sarong wrap skirt comes in a shorter length. Tie it in a numerous amount of ways, knot it at the side of the hip, or in the front, the choice is completely up to you. This one is offered in three colors, black, white, and armor, a plum color, all which will fantastically compliment a summer tan. No need to feel shy, this sarong will bring out the inner sass and spice in your personality, no doubt about that. The best accessory to this look is a drink in hand and a beach towel.

Sexy Off-Shoulder Cover Up Dress

A change of pace, the MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress is just as sexy and sensual, but styled in a different way. The boat-like neckline can be worn across the chest, or off the shoulder. The fabric is mesh and sheer, but it gives just the right peek at whichever BeachCandy swimsuit underneath. Choose from two colors, a white gold mesh, or a black lace. The two different colors create two different moods. Choose wisely, or maybe try one of each. Either way, both options are winners.

Sexy Kimono Cover Up

Robes are great for the summer when you want the option to choose something flow-y, or if you want to tie it at the waist for more coverage. Check out the following to choose which best fit you.

Another style of our beautiful bikini cover-ups is the HARUKO Long Kimono Cover-Ups. Our swimsuit covers-up kimono is a gorgeous straight fit that complements each curve with ease. The open front tie allows for sexy and elegant appeal for our black beach cover-up styles. These long cover ups options are great for luxury and breeze. This robe cover up is a great example of a piece that needs no special occasion to wear but brings out the glam in every gal.

HARUKO Kimono Cover Up: Available in a Long or Short Length

Try the HARUKO Short Kimono Beach Cover Up if you’re looking to show off a little leg, or something that will be more breezy in the hottest of days, this robe has all the fun of the HARUKO Long Kimono, but added breathability. Show as much skin or as little as you like, this robe is great for customization. Grab this robe to lounge by the pool, or even for a stroll along the beach. Take it on the next vacation to the Caribbean, or on your cruise along the coast. Wherever the place, this robe has got you covered.

If you’re after something vibrant and fun, try on the MERMAID Wrap Around Cover Up, it has bright blues and greens contrasted with shades of purples and black, all swirling around in a tropical pattern, perfect for a trip to the Maldives, or Bora Bora. Keep the robe open or choose to tie it at the waist, either way shows off your gorgeous figure. The cover-up does all the work for you, making you look great, while you get to relax and enjoy the sun. Pair with some bright colored sunglasses to match the loud pattern of the robe, or some cute bangles to jazz up the look.

Feel Extraordinary On Your Next Vacay!

Go for a classic like the ROLANA Tunic Cover Up this summer! The sheer fabric will feel amazing when the sun comes beating down. It shows off just the right amount of skin and brings attention to the details of the swimsuit. Choose to tie it at the waist to create an hourglass-like figure or leave it open and enjoy the breathability. Pair it with a cute pair of high heels to add a touch of glam or dress it down with a pair of our beautiful Leather Soled Swarovski Sandals.

Shop our Chic Swim Skirt Options

If you need more coverage and dresses aren’t your thing, look to an alternative cover up like a swim skirt, and see if that would work with your lifestyle.

Slip into the beachwear cover-ups that is our LISA Swim skirt. This swim skirt cover-up is lightweight, comfortable and appeal for the modest style. This swimsuit bottom cover-up has a fold-over waistband for tummy control and extra support. This skirt is great for those who are thigh conscious or just like the idea of a traditional swim outfit. No need to be concerned about anything, jump into the sea or the pool with reckless abandon!

For those who like the look of the skirt, but prefer the feel of shorts, try the KYLIE Swim Skort. This skort has full coverage bottoms underneath the skirt, which creates security in the suit, no need to be concerned about anything shifting or moving in an uncomfortable way. This skort is excellent at smoothing any lines and will never pinch or tug any part of the body. Especially fantastic for athletic gals, wear this in any water activity from kayaking, or parasailing to snorkeling or kitesurfing. If those activities aren’t your thing, think of wearing it at the waterpark with the kids. It’s perfect for running around and sliding down water slides. There won’t be any wardrobe malfunctions or slippage. This is going to move with you, every which way. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous this summer; this skort has got you covered.

Beach Cover Up Pants

If dresses bore you, and skirts aren’t your thing, try some cute and casual pants as a cover-up. Cover up pants are great because they’re light weight and full coverage. Try the MARTINA beach cover-up pants, they’re exactly what you need when transitioning from day to night time. Wear them through out the day as the fabric is light and breathable, pair with your favorite swimsuit, perhaps add our Signature Swarovski beading and make a statement. Feel confident walking along the pier or searching along the tide pools. These pants blend the right amount of sexy, secure, and sensible, so you can partake in fun activities like the ones mentioned above, or relax by the water and still feel cool.

Perfect for transitioning to night time, the MARTINA is great for the cooler nights, cozy up by a bonfire and roast some marshmallows, or set up for a film screening by the beach. It has just the right fabric to keep yourself cozy, but not hot, and cool, but not cold. Choose from two different types of material. Try our black or white lace for a more intricate style, or choose the color Rosas, a nudie peach sheer like fabric. Whichever the style, each has a three-inch waistband that can be folded down for a low rise look, or left up for it to be a high rise and more coverage.

Best Beachwear for your Best Life!

On a yacht on the St. Tropez shores, living your best life, these luxury swimsuit cover-ups are guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks. We recommend you pack one of these chic styles for your next getaway. Shop our timeless, yet exotic one-of-a-kind cover-ups to complete your favorite BeachCandied look today!

Each and every style of women’s beach cover-ups are the perfect way to complete your BeachCandy look. If you have any trouble coordinating the perfect look feel free to call, email, or live chat with our team.

Swimwear made in the USA. Did you know all our products are made locally in Los Angeles California? BeachCandy proudly handcrafts each and every piece with the utmost care, quality, and attention to detail. Feel the difference and never have a compromised swimsuit shopping experience again.

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Shop the best beachwear cover-ups online at BeachCandy Swimwear. Find the most unique and trending styles sexy bathing suit sarongs, chic tunics, open sexy caftans, and beach cover-ups. Feel fabulous on your next vacay with the top trends and styles. Shop our must-have beach dresses and cover-ups, from essential mesh sarongs to exotic hand-beaded tunics.. simple sophistication and perfect for packing on any tropical getaway. A few of our favorites are the MARTINA Poolside Pants which are among the best swim cover-up pants on the market & the SABRINA Versatile Four-Way Coverup. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz, and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind piece.