All Types of Bikini Bottoms – From Brazilian to Full Coverage Bikini Bottom Options

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From a Brazilian scrunch to our high waisted ruched bikini bottom with tummy control, we have you covered! You can even choose your coverage with each and every bottom: cheeky bathing suit bottom or full bottoms. Don’t forget to check out our world famous BRITB Swarovski VIP bottom. We strive to make sure every women feels extraordinary in a swimsuit: offering the full spectrum of cuts: skimpy to full coverage bikini bottoms. Choose your own coverage, CANDY, scrunch, and more with each and every style.

If you want to “wow” everyone on the beach with a particularly sexy and sultry look, you can’t top our Brazilian scrunch bottom bikinis. Our bikini bottoms are the ideal combination of flirty cuts, comfortable coverage, laid-back styles, and fashion-forward designs overall. We have bikini bottom styles to flatter and accentuate every body type. Once you find the perfect bottom choose from our incredible selection of bikini tops.

Mix and Match

From our smallest bikini size of 0 to our largest bikini bottom size of 14 and all the sizes in between, we offer swimsuit bottoms to fit and flatter mature woman of every age, shape, and size. But choosing your perfect luxury bikini bottoms isn’t just a matter of where you fall between sizes 0-14. It’s a matter of style, comfort, and coverage. That is why we offer such a chic variety of swimwear, from a cheeky boy short to full coverage or high waisted bikini bottoms. Whether you are searching for adjustable tie swimsuit bottoms and scrunch bottoms or bottoms to hide the tummy, our design team has you covered.

Tie Side Bikini Bottom

Our ALEXA Classic Tie Bikini Bottom is a great classic style with perfectly cut tie sides for anyone to wear. This stylish piece can be made as a cheeky bathing suit bottom or for the full bottom bikini with that extra coverage. Add a scrunch in the booty and make this a cinched bikini bottom… ideal for women who want a classic simple bikini bottom with the most comfortability and sexy flare added. It takes the traditional bikini bottom and adds a twist. A full coverage bikini is nothing to scoff at, feel confident and covered in this playful bottom. Great for our athletic gals who like a bit more style to their bikinis. This bottom has got you covered, no slipping, no falling. Chase around the kids at the beach and feel secure that these bottoms can handle that. Amp up the activity and splash around in the ocean, no need to be concerned, any thrashing or strong wave is no match for these bottoms.

For a tie side bikini bottom with more coverage our CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottom is the ultimate choice for you. This amazing bottom has that same side tie adjustability you love, just with a bit more material for the booty. The full coverage and flexible material make this bottoms both comfortable and safe. The slight rise in the front also adds additional tummy control and coverage-a win-win! Bend every which way and feel confident the material will move with you. Especially for those with extra curves, feel satisfied when the suit works with any insecurity, mitigating them and enhancing what you want. The great thing about all BeachCandy swimwear is the customization- we recommend adding our “candy: crystals and scrunch bottom for an extra touch of style.

Add our Signature Swarovski Candy for a Touch of Shine!

Another excellent side tie choice is the LEYLA. The LEYLA Skimpy Scrunch Bikini Bottom styles a full scrunch butt without the painful elastic edge, feeling effortless and comfortable. This ruffle bikini bottom suits any size and makes any lady feel empowered. Tassels at the ends of the strings add some flare to this classic bikini bottom. Nothing feels better than a designer fit, and this bottom is no different. Strut along the oceanside with full confidence that the material will hug your curves in the best way, promoting your best asset. For our gals with a more athletic build, dress up your booty with the full scrunch, and grab attention with the playful tassels on the sides. Choose what to emphasize, play with the bows on the sides, change the length of the strings as you wish, add a little customization and your own flair to this classic fit. Take it a step further and add the “candy” crystals to lead the eye to the bottom. Can’t go wrong with a little sparkle.

Tummy Control Bottoms

Nothing makes a beach trip better than feeling absolutely confident and comfortable in a bikini. Every woman deserves to feel and look her best no matter what. At BeachCandy we specialize in designing swimsuits that fit and flatter ALL women. For bottoms we offer a wide variety of styles and designs so anyone can find something that fits their body right.

We have specifically created bikini bottoms that offer amazing tummy control and coverage. We know how hard it is to find a bathing suit bottom that covers your concerns without covering your confidence. Our tummy control bottoms are not only efficient, but extremely stylish. There’s a reason why the style is making a come-back. Marilyn Monroe had it right. The high waisted bikini bottom is a great way to create a figure, smooth out any insecurities, look modest, and still be sexy. These bottoms allow the wearer to feel confident and bold, giving a nod to a past trend from the ‘50’s. These bottoms are full coverage, supporting the bottom, and cinches the waist. It creates the hourglass look, while being incredibly functional. From c-section scars to stretch marks are bottoms can hide anything you want!

High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is the best suit for style and ultimate tummy control. This is a great suit for finding the mom bikini bottom or trying to find the ideal full coverage bikini bottom.  With the ASHLEY, this high waisted bikini bottom has the best ruched at the waistline and extra tummy control lining. ASHLEY offers classic styles with a cut that accentuates a feminine hourglass figure. Great for new moms this is our approved mom bikini bottom for full coverage in front and back. Want to be chic and comfortable? Then this is the perfect piece for postpartum mothers or for any women looking for coverage and style. This fit is unlikely to slip or droop, bound to adhere itself to the body, while smoothing out and protecting the tummy. Feel free to chase after the kiddos, without a second thought. Have no worries, carrying the beach towel and umbrella along. No need to hike them up while strolling along the pier, or the shoreline. These bottoms are going to stay put.

For our babes looking for a sexier and smaller bottom that still gives some tummy coverage the SKYLER Slimming Bottoms is what you want! These bottoms are super sexy while giving you coverage in the front. Everything from c-section scars to stretch marks will be elegantly covered. The back is moderately covered without being skimpy. Perfect for any body type, the style is comfortable and accommodating, the fabric sleek, long lasting, and flexible. Those with an apple shape may fall in love with the tummy coverage, and full coverage bottom. Our pear-shaped friends would appreciate the thick band and flexible material. This is a super flattering and excellent choice for any woman looking to slim down their waist and increase their confidence.  No need to worry if the fit should emphasize whichever insecurity or concern, the style is made to be near-universal. Enjoy these seamless bottoms, don’t settle for anything less. Let your body relax and be poured into a bottom, not squished or squeezed. This swimsuit bottom will have you feeling like the suit was made for you. Check out High-Wasited Swimsuits That Flatter Any figure to find the best fit for your body.

Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

An amazing selection from our bikini bottom styles would be BeachCandy Swimwear’s KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom. This full bottom bikini style comes with a no-elastic fold over waistband that offers the perfect seamless look at the hips. This is ideal for women who want to feel effortless while supported. The KIMBERLY is a major triple threat- with tummy control, full coverage, and no squeeze at the hips. All this coverage won’t come off as matronly, however! All of our bottoms are extremely girly, flirty, and flattering! The goal is to strike a balance between sex appeal and security, this fit achieves just that. With these bottoms, there will be no need to worry about the appearance of it, what it looks like to others, how it looks on you, or anything of the sort. It takes those thoughts away and leaves you to be completely in the moment. It’s a great compromise between a high waisted fit and a traditional bikini bottom.

For a truly unique and chic look, the KYLIE Swim Skort is the perfect bottom. The KYLIE Swim Skort Bikini Bottom is a fashionable skirted bikini bottom that offers an alternative to the regular bikini bottoms through its cut and style. It acknowledges a style from decades past, and revives it into something more modern, with new patterns and hemlines. This full coverage bikini bottom has a chic hold-in waistband to eliminate any unwanted squeezing at the hips and ultimate comfort throughout wear, a classic feature. The KYLIE Swim Skort Bikini Bottom is a timeless, versatile and comfortable full bikini bottom that can pair with any of our swim tops. Its great in that it doubles as a cover up, a fast and easy way to get moving. Whenever the mood strikes to get going, whether that be to check out the pier, or see the tide pools, just need to grab a quick tank top and some sandals and you’re set. Quick and easy, and most importantly, the suit is functional. The skirt can be worn in any number of ways, which makes it a perfect go-to for the summer.

High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

One of the biggest trends right now is turning retro classics into modern styles. We’ve done this with the beloved high waisted bikini bottoms. Our MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. These French cut bottoms are super cute and comfortable. You will get FULL tummy control and FULL bottom coverage as well! The fit of these bottoms create a beautiful hourglass shape that can’t be beat. The high leg feature will make the legs look amazing, lengthening them, making them seem like they go on for days. This is especially great for our petite gals, and for those that are taller, it makes them look more athletic. The high leg also flatters the booty, shaping it to appear round and perky, as well. The cut accentuates every curve and highlights any body type. The bottom is seamless for an added touch of style. It takes all the great things form the 80’s and sets them in a modern fit. The MADDY are now offered in four unique and fun colors/patterns.

Brazilian Scrunch Bottoms

If you want your figure to shine on the smooth sands of the beach or by the swimming pool, you’ll appreciate our five-star choices in Brazilian scrunch bottom bikinis. Worship the booty this summer, emphasize your best asset. These bikinis will take your backside to the next level. Be bold on the beach and show off what you work so hard for at the gym. Try on the latest and trending styles and see how you feel, from confident to comfortable, there is a style, it’s not a problem. And whether your swimsuit preference is for high cut bikini bottoms or the best modest bikini bottoms for moms or for bikinis engineered for C-section scar coverage, we have stylish choices for you.

The JENN Slim Scrunch Hipster is fabulous hipster bikini bottom that provides a three-strap side but no squeeze at the hips. The seamless bottoms provide comfort, support and style through its no hug at the hips and all-around support. This style prevents unwanted tightness and adds scrunch detailing to the right curves on any ladies’ back. This adjustable bikini bottom can be bought as the famous Brazilian style with a scrunch or as a full coverage for ultimate comfort. Choose how much booty to show off, this style can be cheeky or full coverage. Fantastic if you want to lay out in the sun and toast those buns, choose cheeky or protect the place where the sun doesn’t shine and choose full coverage. Either way, the scrunch of the bottom lets you dabble in the style of the Brazilian, get the feel for how you feel, while still being in your comfort zone. Feel modern and trendy, while being secure and comfortable. This is our favorite edgy look when it comes to a classic black bikini.

Add A Scrunch To Any BeachCandy Bikini Bottom!

One of our best scrunch bottoms is the LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom. This bottoms is definitely one of the top scrunch bottoms out there. This bottom looks sexy without being uncomfortable. With low rise in the front and a super cheeky bottom you will be nothing but sexy in these. The cheeky cut emphasizes and cuts the bum in a way that is flattering and classic, shaping it to be round and perky. Wear these bottoms to tan on the beach or poolside. The best part, is that the bow ties won’t let it budge or move into an uncomfortable position. Where the bottom sits is a choice for you to make, which is a fun taste of customization. Play with the length of the strings, and intensity of the bows on the side, enjoy as it sways as your hips do. This is one of our most curvy-girl friendly swimsuits. Added tassel ties and Swarovski crystals make these bottoms even extra elegant! The glint of the “candies” as you walk along the beach will turn heads every where you go. Be brave this summer, let the LEYLA will be your best friend.

Unique and Chic Swimsuit Bottoms

As well as our classic bikini bottoms, we also offer one-of-a-kind styles that can’t be found anywhere else! These bottoms give your beach wardrobe a fashion-forward makeover. These bottoms will definitely make you stand out on the beach, at the pool, or in any Instagram picture!

For a sexy, yet moderately modest bottom we have the HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom. These bottoms were inspired by our favorite “Bond Girl” herself, Halle Berry. The grommet tie sides give it an edgy and modern look while allowing you the option to tighten or loosen. The freedom to adjust the fit of the bottom is exciting. Choose to tighten it for a sexier look, or loosen the ties for a more comfortable effect. The slightly higher rise in the front offer some tummy control and the back has more coverage than the average bikini bottom. Best of both worlds, trendy and modern, mixed with modest and comfortable. Fall in love with this hip hugger this summer.

The LILY Swarovski Hipster Bikini Bottoms give BeachCandy our candy name! The hips are adorned with our delicious Swarovski crystals. The hipster cut is modern, stylish, with the perfect amount of coverage. These bottoms fit and flatter every body type so any babe out there can rock them with complete confidence. Make these even better with added scrunch in the bottom! Lay out in the sun and enjoy as the “candies” glisten and sparkle on the hips. They will draw attention with limited effort. Feel fantastic and relax in this suit, its almost impossible not to.

Shop our Signature VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottom Made Famous in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Nothing is more iconic and special than our signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottoms. These are world famous best sellers every single season. The ‘BRITB’ bottoms have been featured in Sports Illustrated and were our claim to fame. These are truly a one of a kind bottoms- and the best part is they look great on everyone. You don’t have to be a supermodel to totally rock this bikini. Our tasty Swarovski “candy” crystals adorn the hips for an extra touch of sparkle. Go light VIP for a more subtle look or full VIP for the ultimate sparkle design. Go either further in customization and choose between full coverage of cheeky bottom! This suit allows a variation for every mood. Feeling flirty and fun? Opt for the light VIP “candy” crystals, with a full coverage bottom with half scrunch. You get all the fun of the shimmer of the bling, the cheek contour with the limited scrunch, while still keeping the integrity and mysterious of the booty, with the full coverage bottom. Choose to be dramatic and bold, and try the full VIP “candy” crystals, with a cheeky bottom with full scrunch. You’ll be walking around the beach and the most expensive thing will be your booty, with good reason. Always treat adjourn royalty with the finest things, right?

Get a fun design while still covering insecurities with the VICTORIA Cut Out Bikini Bottoms. The slight rise in the front easily covers c-section scars for adding comfort. The straps on the side create a sexy and fun design you will definitely adore. A twist on the classic bikini bottom.

Classic String Bikini Bottoms

Sometimes all we desire is a classic bikini bottom. Nothing adds to a beach wardrobe better than a bottom that goes with everything. Whether a simple design or a simple color, we offer it all. Our bikinis will give you a sexy and high end look while remaining subtle in design.

Our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom is the ultimate classic bikini bottom. This bottoms is one of our bestsellers and for good reasons. Its simple yet adorable design make it a must have on any trip. The ALEXA bottoms fit every body type and flatter no matter what. These classic string bikini bottoms help shape your booty while remaining moderately covered. It’s offered in a wide range of sizes, further emphasizing the inclusivity and versatility of the design. The ALEXA look amazing with any top you pair it with- giving you the option to mix and match with any style or pattern. Made with top quality fabric, the ALEXA will never slip or fall, which can be made sure of by the adjustable strings. Tie the bow tight for a secure, motionless fit, or tie it loose and let the suit caress your curves. Suitable for those who like comfort, or those who like style, it marries the two ideas to be the most adaptable bathing suit. The style stands the test of time, decade after decade, its never going to fade from the spotlight.

For a simple bottom with added coverage we recommend the RACHEL Cheeky Boy Short Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms are seamless giving you a perfect fit without that unwanted or uncomfortable squeezing. There is a two inch rise, which is perfect for those looking to smooth out the tummy, or cover up any scars. The bottoms then connect to the back with a cute circle detailing. The back of the suit features a cheeky fit, emphasizing the booty. It is fantastic for those looking to draw attention to the bum, while keeping the security at the tummy. No need to worry about any slipping or tugging, these bottoms are virtually seamless, and are made to hug the hips so that it won’t fall down with any prolonged movement. Choose among eight fun patterns and colors and find the style that fits your mood for the season. At the back, choose to add our Swarovski crystals and a cute BeachCandy logo, a small touch of shimmer and shine for the suit. These bottoms are not only totally cute, but extremely comfortable. Last all day with carefree ease in the RACHEL bottoms.

High Quality Bikini Bottoms for Real Women

Shop with us today for luxury bikini bottoms that show off your feminine beauty! At BeachCandy Swimwear we believe women of all shapes, ages, and sizes deserve to feel exquisite in a swimsuit. Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels confident and comfortable in a bathing suit. The amazing quality and impeccable design of BeachCandy Swimwear cannot be beat. We guarantee you will fall in love with one of our many amazing options.

Each of our swimsuits was designed and made with real women in mind. No matter your age, body type, or height we will make sure a swimsuit fits and flatters you perfectly. Enhance your natural body and feel carefree on any vacation, whether that entail sipping on mimosas poolside, or tanning at the beach. Never worry about a swimsuit not fitting or being unflattering ever again!

If our ready to wear collection doesn’t satisfy you- feel free to create your own bikini top, bikini bottom, or one piece. What makes BeachCandy Swimwear so unique is the opportunity we give you to design your dream swimsuit. Come in and sit down with our CEO and designer Brit herself to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Call or email us to schedule your first appointment. You can also start by taking our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit!