Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Swimsuits for women with curves. The most classic female form in history, the hourglass body type, where your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waist is defined. A full hourglass body figure is best described as a smaller proportional waist line, full bust with a rounded bottom & hips section. High leg swimsuits accentuate your figure to capture a longer and leaner physique. Maximum support and style comes from extra supportive bust lines and superior high performance fabric.

The RACHEL Engineered Support Halter is great with its “CANDY” sliders at the neckline that can be either cinched down for a sexier look or slide up for a little more coverage. Fuller bust swimwear truly exists with our BeachCandy Swimwear collection. From having high necks with adjustable straps that offer extra support to a sexy one piece swimsuit, we have the best swimsuits for moms and anyone ready to stylish and supportive. Swimwear for mature women that want hide their stretch marks can now do so with our full coverage bikinis that provide a modest swimsuit style.

It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit to flaunt all your assets. Or as we like to say, chic coverage and comfort without compromise.