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 Behind The Seams of Beachcandy Swimwear

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American Swimwear – “A Letter From The Designer”

I have yet to meet a women who has not suffered from the compromise, in the lack of fit or creativity, when swimsuit shopping.

This is WHY I started BeachCandy Swimwear.

We all know the discomfort of putting on that dreaded swimsuit in hopes of actually enjoying some summertime fun. We’ve all stood in front of the mirror and had that moment where we wish we could look the way we want to feel in our bikinis.

It is generally assumed that body image is the sole contributor to why many women feel insecure in their swimwear. Well I’m here to shine some light on the real problem – it’s YOUR swimsuits fault!

With swimwear produced for the masses, having a quality fit is rarely the top priority. If you think about it, how many ill-fitting, unsupportive bikinis have you seen this year? Too many to count, right? No wonder we all dislike wearing a bikini, they simply don’t fit well.

Each woman has her own, unique swimwear needs. Not all women are made the same, so why should all swimwear be? My passion is simple: to empower my clients with the confidence that comes from wearing a perfectly fit suit. Whether you choose to be fitted for a custom BeachCandy or opt for a ready-made suit, with us, the possibilities are endless. My trained BeachCandy Team, alongside myself, guarantee to create any woman’s PERFECT Swimsuit.

At BeachCandy we’ve chosen to embark on a personalized shopping experience through an intimate, swim-exclusive environment with each and every client. Women receive individualized attention in finding exactly what they need when it comes to my four focuses: fit, design, detail, and quality. From cut, to sew, to sale, these are our top priorities.

So ladies! Stop blaming your figure for how your swimsuit fits! At BeachCandy we’ve set out to change how women, and the world, view swimwear. We are at the forefront of revolutionizing the swimwear industry, so come visit our design studio, call us, or shop our state-of-the-art swimwear online and join us in redefining beauty at the beach, one woman at a time.