Matching Mommy Me Swimsuits

BeachCandy launches Limited Edition Mommy Matching Swim Collection.

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Matching Mommy Me Swimsuits!

BeachCandy launches Mommy & Me Collection this year! Check out these sweeter than candy shots!

Matching Mommy Me Swimsuits by BeachCandy Swimwear.

Our VIP Bikini in our 2016 Limited Edition B.Candy Print.

The BRITB VIP Bottom is our signature design and favorite world-renowned bikini bottom! As featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

This bottom has many option offerings: cheeky fit bottom/lower rise front (or) full coverage in the back/modest natural rise front, CANDY: Full VIP version is made of over 500 hand woven Swarovski Crystals (or) the light VIP is 5 beaded strands across the hip, half scrunch (or) full scrunch (or) no scrunch.

Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.


B.CANDY is more than just a one stop shop to pick up your favorite whizpops, chocolates, or gobstoppers—it’s a sweet-lover’s paradise where we invite you to fall into your own imagination and experience the wonder! Step inside to explore, celebrate, and embrace the whimsical world of B.CANDY! In addition, we’ve gone to great lengths to fill our flagship store to the brim with tasty treats of all varieties—bulk candy, homemade ice cream, heavenly cupcakes, sugar cookies, fantastic toys and gifts, and all things sweet! Why? Because for us, sweets inspire our creativity, make us smile and remind us that sometimes in life you just have to treat yourself!




Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Survivors

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