Halter Top Bikinis

Halter Top Bikinis

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Halter Top Bikinis

Halter Top Bikinis

Ladies, we can all relate to the frustration of finding a gorgeous halter top bikinis that FIT! Then the nightmare of trying one after the other on to find out that there is absolutely no support!  The let down is REAL, however here at BeachCandy, we design our swimwear so that there are no letdowns in the dressing room. There is a swimsuit style that we have perfected here at BeachCandy. It is both flattering in style and guaranteed to support and compliment your breasts, the halter bikini top.  Whether you are small or big busted, the support is engineered into our designs. With additional fabric for you to adjust in order to exceed maximum comfort and support.

BeachCandy Halter Top Bikinis

We understand what it feels like to be hesitant about halter bikinis. Due to discomfort caused by thin low-quality straps causing pain from your breast weight pulling on your neck. A halter swimsuit at BeachCandy is created and designed with the utmost focus on comfort. And we make sure all straps are soft to touch and designed to support painlessly. That way you do not have to choose between comfort and style. We want you not only looking incredible but feeling incredible too!

Halter Top Bikini

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini 

When looking through our selection here at BeachCandy the search for a sexy and shockingly comfortable halter top, is easy. The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini truly speaks for itself when you slip it on.  It ranks #1 as our best selling bikini top every season but stats is not what this top needs to sell. For women with larger breasts, the thick and soft straps lift and support your bust. No matter how large, giving you a flattering and magnificent cleavage without any neck pain.

To those in our itty bitty titty committee, we got you covered too! When purchasing, you can now choose to either add or remove pads to lift and enhance your natural breast size. With your comfort and cleavage feeling and looking better than ever, you can now focus on style.  The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini comes in six different colors all decorated with Genuine Swarovski Crystals, which we all know, we can never have enough of!

Complete this breathtaking look with the RACHEL Cheeky Boyshort Bikini Bottom. Matching the RACHEL top in both style and (wait for it) comfort!!! These bottoms will give you the perfect amount of coverage in the front. While giving you a little enhancing your physique from the back.  With these incredible levels of style and support, you are now ready to walk those sandy beaches. Or even play a game or two of beach volleyball with new feelings of confidence than ever before.

Shop the RACHEL Halter Bikini Top


Halter Wrap Bikini Top

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top

It’s hard to beat the Rachel Halter Top Bikini. But comparably close with the competition of most comfortable halter top bikini is without a doubt the TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top.  Here at BeachCandy, we like to think of our TULUM halter bikini top as the more active version of our RACHEL halter top. By just looking at the picture, you can almost feel how supportive and snug this top must be.  Consistent in both style and comfort as the RACHEL top, the TULUM halter bikini is praised for is adjustable fit and supportive strength.

With this magical top, you get the ability to alter and adjust how it wraps around your chest. Guaranteeing utmost comfort for your breasts! Hallelujah!  So whether you are hiking on your honeymoon, suntanning in the summer, or kayaking with your kids, this halter top has you covered. No matter what interest based activities you are up to, we are not going to let you let your body shape stop you from having fun.

Complete this stylish and active halter bikini top with our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom.  This classic bottom is offered in both cheeky and full coverage. Also in a plethora of different colors and patterns, and with or without crystals (but we all know we want the crystals!).

For a little more coverage, shop our MARIA Sarong Wrap Skirt. This is sincerely designer recommended and is an easy and effortless addition to wrap this look all together. Our classic sarong is designed with longer ends so that is easily adjusted based on how much coverage you want.

Shop the TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top


Halter Top Tankini

TYLER Halter Top Tankini

The TYLER Halter Top Tankini is our favorite tankini for so many reasons! Often times when women are looking for a swimsuit it comes with a long list of criteria. Such as, breast support, a painless neck strap, a covered tummy, and more! Over time, we common hear about the sacrifices made due to the lack in the market. Women end up settling for a bathing suit that only checks off one or two of their needs. BeachCandy refuses to let women compromise for a bikini that only makes them feel average on their vacay. Every woman, no matter the body type, deserves to feel like a million bucks in a swimsuit! All while checking off that long list of what you are looking for in a swimsuit.

That is why the TYLER Halter Top Tankini is specifically designed to serve our most common requests. Complete with insane amounts of breast support with built-in side wings to hold your breasts (check!). Next, supportive and adjustable halter bikini straps to accommodate any breast size without neck pain (check! check!). A loose tank top to conceal and provide more security for your stomach (check!). All while being consistent with our stylish designs!

Looking for bottoms with more coverage and movement? The STACIA Boyshort Bikini Bottoms are perfect for you. Going along with an active yet comfortable look, this boy short is not only great for a beach adventure. But their silky sleek look will leave you feeling carefree and confident.

Shop the TYLER Halter Top Tankini


SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini

Alright so we’ve talked comfort and we’ve talked quality. We think it’s time we talk about our Signature Swarovski Candy! If you are already sold on the support and security of our halter tops. And think that you are ready to take things to the next level, then do not stop reading! We are about to share with you our most glamorous halter bikini top. If you are new to the BeachCandy brand or a long time client, there is one thing more you should know. We take our hand-beaded swimsuits very seriously. There is even a guarantee on the work that we do here! All the beading is hand woven here at our headquarters in Southern California!

Our SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini is adorned to the max! With shades of gold and black Swarovski crystals of all sizes hand sewn around the neckline in a truly magnificent design. This top is truly one-of-a-kind in our collection. Originally designed for the St. Regis Hotel Group this swimsuit has made a splash time and time again.

This captivating top pairs almost too perfectly with our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom. Synchronizing in a way that keeps up with the sophisticated and prestigious quality of this halter top. The high waistline of this fantastic bottom slims your waist all while accenting your beautiful natural curves. But don’t worry, we made this bikini bottom a seamless edge to make sure there is absolutely no squeezing.

Shop the SWAROVSKI St Regis High Neck Halter Bikini


TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit

For all our one piece lovers out there, we haven’t forgotten about you. The TARA Halter Swimsuit offers breast support and security through its self-tie X-back halter. All while creating a slimming torso through its cinched waistline. Does it get any better than that? Actually, it does because this one piece halter swimsuit comes in two beautifully unique patterns. It comes in a fun, bright, and outgoing Rio Print perfect for a tropical vacation with your special someone. It also comes in a sexy Black Snakeskin if you are looking for something classic yet different than your typical all black swimsuit.

To top it all off if you are not already on your way to buying both styles. This halter one piece swimsuit comes modestly adorned with hand-sewn Swarovski Candy Sliders. To give you that little something-something you didn’t even know you were looking for!

Shop the TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit


Slimming Bikini Bottoms

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

It’s already in the name, but just in case you didn’t know… This is the BEST Bikini Top Ever! And when it comes to Halter Top Bikinis this could very well be our favorite. Especially if you are looking for some magic when it comes to lifting your cleavage. The ELLEN Best Bikini top is a push-up halter swimsuit designed to beautifully lift and support breasts of all sizes. If you have a smaller bust, this halter bikini top will extremely (but comfortably) lift your cleavage. Using a double-sided push-up pad to give you that extra notch of confidence you might want to strut poolside. For women with a bigger bust, this push up halter top comes with a thin foam liner. That does exactly what you need to both support and flatters your larger bust.

The gold snakeskin pattern in this style is a personal favorite of the designer and continues to be a favorite of every customer. Complete the look and pair this together with the gold snakeskin SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms. The heads are guaranteed to be turning when you walk by in this drop-dead gorgeous set.

Shop the ELLEN Best Bikini Top



SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

Crystal clear blue water, white powder beaches, and you on a yacht somewhere off the coast of Greece. I mean a girl can dream right? Well, this next swimsuit might not come with all of that. But this SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is definitely gorgeous and sexy enough to make you feel a little bit closer to that island life. We couldn’t not add this to the comfortable halter swimsuits edit. This one of a kind monokini comes with a halter neckline with a tie in the back guaranteeing maximum lift and comfort.

We make it our mission here at BeachCandy to design our swimsuits with all body sizes and shapes in mind. And that is why with this monokini, the adjustable side ties make it possible for all body sizes to fit this sexy design. And of course, what is BeachCandy without the Candy? This SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is also available with optional hand-sewn Swarovski crystals. To add even more femininity & shine to this already glamorous island vibe swimsuit.

Shop the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini


NYSEAS Neck Strap

We not only want our BeachCandy babes looking and feeling flawless, but we also want comfort to be a priority too! That is why here in our BeachCandy design loft in Costa Mesa, we offer our clients NYSEAS. NYSEAS is a subtle plastic clip that hooks onto your halter top bikinis swimsuit straps. It then meets to tie on the back of your neck. It is easy to use and comfortable in design. This product has helped women with neck & back issues when it comes to wearing halter swimsuits tops.

Thank you for reading all about our carefully curated Halter Top Bikinis by BeachCandy Swimwear. While shopping if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are available via Live Chat, Email or Phone Call! Our expert team is happy to help you find the BeachCandy swimsuit of your dreams.

If you are still not able to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to Halter Top Bikinis… We recommend looking into our world class Custom Swimsuit Service for women. We design swimwear from scratch for women around the world of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Some women begin with inspiration from a favorite bra, a fusion of photos from Pinterest, or a beloved old well-worn swimsuit even! The sky is the limit and your every swimsuit wish is our command. To begin the Custom Swimsuit Experience check out our blog on How to Order a Custom Swimsuit.

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