Care Instructions

Our suits are made to last and they will with the help of our Luxury Swimwear Cleanser. This sulfate free solution will not only keep your swimsuit from fading, but it will get rid of all that chlorine, dust, and dirt.

The Swimwear cleaner is easy to use! Fill a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear. Rinse your swimsuit with a capful of swimwear cleanser and hand wash after each use and only in cool water. Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas. Hang it to dry naturally in a shady cool place. Do not wring, wrap in a towel, or put in a plastic bag when wet.

Due to the high quality and fabric we use, every BeachCandy swimsuit is made to last you season after season. From the pool to the hot tub, or the beach to the ocean, your BeachCandy will last you years! To help keep your suit as good as new for years, you should be careful of hot tubs and swimming pools. As chlorine exposure in these conditions may increase the chances of damaging your suit if you don’t wash it. Rough surfaces, and/or heat may also shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric and candy. We also recommend that you don’t put your BeachCandy in a washing machine, dryer, or spot clean with harsh chemicals. Most Importantly, enjoy your new piece of BeachCandy!

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