Bohemian Glam Swimwear

BeachCandy ‘Bohemian Glam’ in Newport Beach Magazine.

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Bohemian Glam Swimwear

Bohemian Glam Swimwear

Newport Beach Magazine writes up BEACHCANDY SWIMWEAR as “Bohemian Glam.” Timeless Designer Swim for Women. Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. Shop our famous swimwear collection online.

We believe all women deserve to feel their very best in a swimsuit whether it be bohemian, chic full coverage, full GLAM, or classic. We love making each and every woman feel special and unique in a swimsuit.

This swimsuit print was made famous in the 2015 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has since sold out of stock. If you love the Swarovski Sandals we definitely still have a pair waiting for you in just your size!

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