• Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Her
    Christmas Gift Ideas for Her It’s finally here! The most wonderful time of the year! And although you had months to think about that special something for her, you are weeks away with no Christmas present idea. Don’t worry, BeachCandy Swimwear has you covered! We offer the best gifts for every special woman in your life! No matter her shape or style, we promise...
  • Unique Swimwear

    Unique Swimwear
    Unique Swimwear. Timeless designer swimwear for women of any ages, shapes, and sizes. Shop our Famous Swimsuits for Women Online Now.
  • How To LOVE Swimsuit Shopping!

    How To LOVE Swimsuit Shopping!
    Are you asking yourself what is to LOVE when Swimsuit Shopping?! At BeachCandy we know that swimsuit shopping has to be the WORST thing ever. Women rarely say to each other, "You know what sounds fun?" ... "Trying on skin tight swimsuits under florescent lights!" Right?! So that's why we're excited to introduce you to, how to love swimwear shopping! We have a new, interactive website,...
  • How Should a Swimsuit Fit?

    How Should a Swimsuit Fit?
    How Should a Swimsuit Fit? This is the question every woman asks as she heads into the summer season. It's the holy grail we all chase, finding the perfect swimsuit. But a perfect swimsuit seems like a joke, we know.That's why we're here today! To give you our thoughts on the ultimate summertime question: How should a swimsuit fit?! From the industry experts (us!)...
  • Festival Swimwear

    Festival Swimwear
    Festival Swimwear Speaking from 10+ years experience, we have dressed women in Southern California for all events! So prepping babes for festivals in the desert has become our forte! Here Are Our Top Picks for the Best Festival Swimwear Favorite Coachella Swimwear Print: Aqua Snakeskin This isn't your average snakeskin bikini, this print is our favorite pick for Coachella swimwear because it's fierce, fiery,...
  • Fitness Competition Bikinis - Competition Candy!

    Fitness Competition Bikinis - Competition Candy!
    Fitness Competition Bikinis You've come to the right place! BeachCandy Swimwear is home to the world's greatest custom swimwear, so who better to make fitness competition bikinis than us?! We didn't start out making these special swimsuits for these superwomen. But after numerous orders due to the custom nature of our business... we thought we would let the world know! We are so excited...
  • Swimwear Designer: BritB's Countdown to Christmas!

    Swimwear Designer: BritB's Countdown to Christmas!
    What does a swimwear designer love about the holiday season? Find out below! It's that time of year ladies and gents, the holiday season is upon us! swimwear designer With Thanksgiving officially over, there is nothing but Christmas on the horizon. While for most that means dreams of white Christmas's, for us here in California, Christmas simply means we ladies get to have our friends...
  • Best Gift Ideas for Women

    Best Gift Ideas for Women
    Best Gift Ideas for Women We know it can be daunting. Shopping... let alone shopping for the special women in your life. So, we've decided to make it easy for you. Enjoy our list below of all of the most popular gift ideas at BeachCandy Swimwear. BEACHCANDY is a swimwear sanctuary where ALL women can fall in love with swimsuit shopping. Whether you choose...
  • Custom Swimsuit Maker

    Custom Swimsuit Maker
    Custom Swimsuit Maker 'Tis The Holiday Season! Meet the Custom Swimsuit Maker - We are Basically Bikini Elves this time of year. Just because it's getting cooler here on the California coast, doesn't mean that we slow down at ALL in our swimwear creations. After all, we are the #1 custom swimsuit maker in the world - and for half of you babes out there,...
  • Wedding Swimwear

    Wedding Swimwear
    Wedding Swimwear BeachCandy Bride Shopping for the perfect bride bathing suit has become more & more exciting, especially at BeachCandy Swim. You spend countless hours preparing for your big day. There's the dress, flowers, food tastings, and finding a venue. Then narrowing down the guest list and seating charts, and finding a photographer and hair and makeup. Plus multiple dress fittings, and the tiring...
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