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Fitness Competition Bikinis - Competition Candy!

Fitness Competition Bikinis

Fitness Competition Bikinis

You've come to the right place! BeachCandy Swimwear is home to the world's greatest custom swimwear, so who better to make fitness competition bikinis than us?! We didn't start out making these special swimsuits for these superwomen. But after numerous orders due to the custom nature of our business... we thought we would let the world know!

We are so excited to let you all in on our secret offering at BeachCandy Swimwear... 'Competition Candy' is an exclusive customizable line of fitness competition bikinis. This is Competition Suit Shopping AND SERVICE like you've never seen before. We've carefully designed styles that take you to the top as a newbie, or as a Pro headed to the Olympia! You work incredibly hard on your body WITH NO COMPROMISES, so there is no reason to wear anything less than a perfect bikini!

Think about it. You don't have much time on stage, so the last thing you want is to waste those precious seconds in a poorly fit suit!

So Competition Candy exists to make sure that your hard work doesn't go to waste!

Here's the deal:

  1. These suits are custom fit. Every stitch is perfect.

  2. You choose the color. And we have TONS.

  3. We have a variety of connectors to highlight each angle of your bod.

  4. Need padding up top? Done.

  5. Want a hook in the back? Or a back bling connector? You got it.

  6. Have we mentioned there are FIVE LEVELS of "Candy" Swarovski crystals? Because we believe in your choice to sparkle!

PLUS, you choose what colors the "Candy" Swarovski crystals are on the suit, so these suits are one-of-a-kind, every time. These are 100% personalized, so give us a call at 855-519-9509 to get started or email us!

Follow us on social media @competitioncandy and additionally keep up with one of our sponsees @ifbbprochristie as she is prepping for the Olympia stage!

Check out our last blog on gifting BeachCandy during the holiday season.

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