Never Compromise in Life, Love, or Wedding Swimwear

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Marriage Is About Compromise, But Wedding Swimwear Doesn’t Have To Be

Custom Bridal Bikini
BeachCandy Bride

You spend countless hours preparing for your big day. There’s the dress, flowers, food tastings, and finding a venue. Then narrowing down the guest list and seating charts, and finding a photographer and hair and makeup. Plus multiple dress fittings, and the tiring hours in the gym getting ready for your walk down the aisle.

So the last thing you want is to get to your honeymoon and have average wedding swimwear!

Sure, there can be compromise regarding swimwear, but only in things like cost and color. You should never compromise in fit, construction, or the way your wedding swimwear makes you feel.

Your wedding swimwear should make you feel sexy, confident, beautiful, and glamorous. You should put it on and never once fidget with the sides, never have to hesitate before getting out of the water, and you should never feel an ounce of sag!

At BeachCandy Swimwear we pride ourselves in custom fitting our beautiful suits right to your beautiful body! And while you may have a selection of decent suits that are okay for any other day of the year, your honeymoon should be special.

Just like you’ve fit for your gown, let us fit you for your idea of the perfect wedding swimwear! We’ll make it in any color you’d like, but we also offer an exclusive selection of whites, eggshells, creams, and ivory hues. PLUS we stock a variety of lace overlays and pearl embellishments to go with our signature Swarovski crystal “Candy” trims.

These are the details that will take your suit, and your honeymoon, to the next level! Did I mention that we can also emblazon your new last name across the suit as well?!

And don’t worry, we are happy to work within your budget, as well as work with you from afar! We are based in California and just sent out a To-Die-For custom bridal bikini with five bridesmaids bikinis and a flower girl suit, to a destination wedding overseas! (Check out the Bride herself above!) We let you save the traveling for the honeymoon 😉

Check out the Bridal section of our website, as well as our social media accounts, for a peek into some of the designs we’ve created in the past!




To get started on your very own BeachCandy, call us at 855-519-9509!


Our Fall Favorites To Get You Through Football Season!

Fall Favorites

First of all, it’s officially FALL, which for us babes means it’s time for all of our fall favorites. So bring on the sweaters, leggings, Uggs, and of course, the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte! 

Also, it’s football season. Which seems like it should be far less exciting than the items above, but we’re here to shed some light on the best parts of football season. This list is for those of us who… well, who just don’t like football.


More time for juicing, beautifying, wine, and catching up on reality TV. (We can thank the NFL for adding Thursday night games to the schedule a couple years back – hello ladies night)


The release of swimsuit calendars from the various NFL Cheerleading squads. As a result, all of us babes get to bask in the glory of inspiration for next summers #BodyGoals, and begin shopping for the dynamite suits we want to wear.


An excuse to shop for NFL branded clothing, either in the team our boo is rooting for on Sunday, or the favorite local squad. (We’ll basically take any opportunity to shop, and especially if it’s for oversized tees and adorable sporty hoodies.)

Due to BeachCandy being based in Orange County, we’ve got a few top draft picks that stack into each of the Fall Favorites listed above. So local babes, maybe we’ll run into you “enjoying football season” around town!


Newport Beach fave, Sejuiced, is our go-to for the best organic superfood juices in Orange County.


Treat yourself to the best sugaring and facials in the OC, and stop by to see Juli, the owner of Sweet Skins Studios in CDM.


Who better for body inspo and bikini goals than the local Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders?!

Check out their custom suit fittings at the original BeachCandy design studio here:

Furthermore, shop their recently released swimsuit calendar here:

Fall Favorites


Each NFL team has a link to the official Fan Shop on their website, but since we’re keeping things local, here’s where you find all of the best LA Rams items:

*Also October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so stock up on the best pink items before they’re gone!

In conclusion babes, let’s stop rolling our eyes at football season, and start embracing the fall favorites that come with it!




BeachCandy Swimwear - Designer Bikini Bottoms

Say NO to Saggy Bikini Bottoms, And Find Out the BEST BIKINI BOTTOMS For You!

I think we can all agree that there’s just nothing worse, in the entire world, than a Saggy. Bikini. Bottom. Furthermore, one that is seemingly perfect, but sag attacks you the second it hits the water. 

It’s not like anyone intentionally wears them saggy, but the material is just poorly constructed and of poor quality. Women everywhere can relate to hunting for the perfect bikini bottoms, but still end up in a cheap, one-summer wonder.

Frankly, after searching day in and day out, undressing and redressing endlessly, and seeing yourself in one too many fitting rooms mirrors under fluorescent lights, it’s a “fine” option to select a pair of black bottoms for $12 and call it a day. Because aint nobody got time for that!

While other brands may not care, here at BeachCandy we are tired of “fine”, sick of “okay”, and we refuse to settle for “good enough”!

There are quite a few pluses to swimwear at BeachCandy, all of which will lead you away from the saggy bottom curse. Especially relevant, we take pride in our fit and construction. In fact, we only use the highest quality Italian swimsuit fabric and Swarovski crystals, because we care about making you feel your absolute best.

We have also carefully constructed each of our Ready-To-Wear pieces based on the fit and feel that real women are looking for. Seriously. We make custom swimsuits for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. As a result our entire collection of “off the rack” pieces has been directly inspired by what women are coming in and custom ordering.

Can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere else? Check out our selection, and call us with any questions… chances are that someone else just like you has come in over the years and ordered exactly what you want! 

And here’s something you’ll all love…
Fun Fact: All of our Ready-To-Wear suits are named after the very first woman to come in and order that style. Don’t see what you want? Then I guess it’s time for us to add (Insert Your Name) to our list of styles!

And how many of you are that lovely size “uh, small-medium…ish?” or “large… kind of?”??? Well good news – we carry that size. We can take in and alter any of our pieces to fit your exact measurements. So when we say your bottoms won’t sag, we mean they won’t even ripple.

Convinced? Good! Check out some of our favorite Best Bikini Bottoms below, and give us a call with any questions 24/7 (Yep, we’re happy to discuss your tush at 2am).

Full Coverage Ladies:

best bikini bottoms

You babes will love our KIMBERLY Foldover Waist Bikini Bottom. This wonder works just like your favorite yoga pants (because we know you have some), due to it’s seamless foldover edge to eliminate all muffin tops. 

Modest Comfy Coverage:

best bikini bottoms

Meet CATIE, our Keyhole Tie Side Bottom. This gem is our #1 choice of our Best Bikini Bottoms! It’s the perfect rise, coverage, and fit – you can trust us. Or trust the other fifty million women who have purchased this bottom in multiples 😉

Just A Little Cheek:

best bikini bottoms

For those of you who prefer to walk that thin line between modest and skimpy, we have one of the best bikini bottoms for you: CARMEN Cutout Hip Bottom! This seamless edge bestseller boasts a perfectly cheeky cut for a hint of tushy, yet with enough coverage to safely wear at every family vacay. 

Skimpy Babes:

best bikini bottoms

If you’re ready to show off all the squats you’ve been doing, meet the HEATHER Ruched Hip Bottoms. These have a seamless hip to smoothly sit against you, in other words, no tight elastic on your hips. Most noteworthy, the HEATHER comes in both a full coverage and Brazilian coverage option to really show off those cheeks! 

In conclusion, we rock at making perfect bikini bottoms. 

Shop the rest of our best bikini bottoms, or if it seems like you’d prefer a custom suit, call us!



Swimwear For Scars : Your Scars = Your Business!


BeachCandy Swimwear is where we’re proud to make Swimwear For Scars, because Your Scars = Your Business

As women (and new moms), we are taught to be both proud of our bodies, and conscious. It’s a tough balance!

So on one hand we are encouraged to celebrate our curves and embrace our post-baby bods, but at the same time we are supposed to cover our scars and tone the “baby fat” immediately. It seems silly, but it’s just where we’re at. So, where exactly does that leave us for swimwear shopping?! Is there even such a thing as swimwear for scars?!

Well, there weren’t many options. Until now!

At BeachCandy, we’ve carved out a very unique place in the swimwear industry: we make custom swimwear, which means for years, we’ve allowed and encouraged women to come into our design studio and tell us what swimsuits they weren’t able to find anywhere else. AKA swimwear for scars; swimsuits that are still sexy, functional, cheeky (or not), but that cover your warrior marks. This has given us an unparalleled amount of knowledge on exactly what is missing in the swimwear market! (Which is cute, fun, and sexy swimwear for scars… Just in case you hadn’t caught on yet ;))

What have we found out??

That there are a whole bunch of you mamas out there who would prefer to cover up your c-section scars, but still be in a sexy suit! We hear you loud and clear ladies! Your Scars = Your Business. Just because you birthed your fabulous children, doesn’t mean you should be relegated to your grandma’s full coverage swimsuit!

Our answer? An almost endless variety of bottoms, ALL of which can be custom cut higher in the tummy. And the best news? IT’S EASY TO ORDER! Just give us a call at the end of your order and we just want to know roughly how many inches above your natural sit line/panty line you’d like the bottoms to rest!

Looking for some recommendations? Below are some of our favorite suits that we’ve made time and again, that still casually say “I’m a cool mom”. 😉

CATIE Keyhole Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms
These are a classic tie-side bottom with just enough extra coverage in the front for you to feel 100% comfortable, and with a moderately cut behind to ensure that you’re appropriate at the public pool, but still cheeky enough to feel as sexy as your pre-baby bod!

MAGGIE Triangle Monokini
This monokini covers in all of the right places, is completely functional for chasing around your toddlers, and is both sexy and sophisticated. Plus you have about a million different options to really customize this piece for your personal style! You have the options of:
– Tie side hips OR our signature Swarovski crystal VIP hips for a touch of sass and sparkle (still 100% functional)
– Extra added padding in the triangles for additional lift and support (AKA pre-breast feeding boobies!)
– Cute scrunch butt to adorably accentuate your behind
– Additional beading options for everything from ‘glam-mom-of-the-year’ to ‘just-a-touch-of-class’
Plus More!

KIMBERLY Fold Over Waistband Bottoms
These full coverage cuties can be adjusted to cover more or less of your tummy, depending on everything from your mood, to the available rays, to who you’re with and where you are! Just like your favorite yoga pants (Hallelujah), these bikini bottoms have a no-elastic fold over waistband, meaning it won’t dig in or give you muffin tops! Plus in the back these bottoms are going to hold in all your lady lumps leaving you with not a worry in the world besides your already full plate of kiddos!

These are just three of our favorites, but we have many more in our selection of swimwear for scars that can all be adjusted perfectly for your body! Plus, have I mentioned that we can SEW SHUT the ties on any of our tie-side bottoms?!! No little human hands will be pulling your BeachCandy suit off of you in the water!

Lastly, are your scars a little different? Possibly from something other than a c-section? Mastectomy? Breast augmentation? Appendix? Hernia? Accident of some kind? NO Problem-O! Our Swimwear For Scars is adaptable to YOU. Just like no two women are shaped exactly the same, no two scars are either. So we don’t stick to trends or styles based on what we think works, we let YOU tell US.

Any questions?! Give us a call to chat at 855-519-9509… And we’re available 24/7 so you can wait until 3am when the babies finally go down if you’d like 🙂


BeachCandy’s Favorite Bride!

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.39.14 PM

BRIDE in BEACHCANDY?Marriage is about compromise, but your swimwear doesn’t have to be! ??#SwimwearWithService#DesignYourOwn #bride #BridalSwimwear[SHOP the MAGGIE Monokini Link in Bio] Call 855-519-9509 for Expert Assistance! ?✌? #Swarovski#Swimwear #wedding #style #lotd #ootd#DesignItYourself #DIY #bikini #Ecup#SwimwearForRealWomen #StLucia#Honeymoon #Love #couture #lacebikini#PerfectFit #Fashion #MadeLocally #Beach#Summer #August #Weekend #monokini#OC #BeachCandyBabes

Best Bikini Tops: Let’s Talk About BOOBS!!!


Let’s Talk About Boobs & The Best Bikini Tops For Every Size!

So, boobs are great, but they are never easy to fit into a swimsuit. So we’ve gone ahead and outlined our best bikini tops for all of your boob concerns!

Every woman is a different shape, more often than not your left and right are different sizes, and getting the right lift, support, and cleavage (or lack thereof), all in one swimsuit is nearly impossible! Let alone in a color you like with bottoms to match! Well, welcome to one of the Top Ten Reasons BeachCandy Exists and our top picks for Best Bikini Tops!

We specialize in the art of custom swimwear, and while that sometimes can mean a slightly higher price tag, it also means a PERFECTLY fit swimsuit. Our Best Bikini Tops are ones that gives you the lift, support, coverage and/or cleavage that you want. At BeachCandy we like to say “Never settle in life, love, or swimwear!”

BUT WAIT! I have even better news!

In addition to our custom endeavors, we also have a fully stocked Ready-To-Wear Collection, that boasts designs which have come directly from our custom clients’ feedback. Aka what’s missing in the swimwear market right now! So these Best Bikini Tops are not a guess, they are years of market research combined to create a truly impeccable list of styles. We have tops that satisfy AA chests, all the way up to H! Yes, you read that right… H!!! Plus we’ve made these best bikini tops custom up to size N so far, and we are happy to complete the alphabet! So just let us know if you don’t see your gals letter represented below! 😉

Here’s a quick breakdown of a few of our absolute BEST BIKINI TOPS:

#001 ALEXA – Our Classic Triangle String Bikini Top
Good for sizes: AA-F
ALEXA is a triangle top like you’ve never worn before. Trust us. That’s why she’s at the TOP of our list of Best Bikini TOPS 😉

Our construction has been honed in over the course of our existence, and this baby will lift AND support the girls, all the way up to an E Cup! On the larger cup sizes, we automatically include a double elastic band underneath your bustline to ensure the lift is incredible, and our double-lined Italian suit fabric is so strong you’ll feel completely held in and secure. For our AA Team out there, we also offer padding to enhance the lift, should you want a little support… Pun intended.

#003 RACHEL – Our Seamless Halter Bikini Top
Good for sizes: AA-F
RACHEL is a winner. Literally. Reigning Miss California, Jessa Carmack, won her title wearing none other than our RACHEL Seamless Halter Bikini Top. So if you want the best bikini top in the state of California, you’ve found it.

This bikini top is great for both small and large cup sizes, as well all body types and frames. Our signature Swarovski crystal “Candy” sliders allow you to turn this top from sexy and skimpy to full coverage with a simple slide. We also offer optional padding to assist the cleavage, or you can go up a size to allow for an even fuller coverage look, while still being timelessly and tastefully sexy.

*To see Jessa’s custom celery green RACHEL top, visit our Instagram page @beachcandyswimwear

#037 MANDY – Our T-Back Triangle Top
Good for sizes: XS-XL
MANDY is our answer to the neck pain we all know and hate, from the bow tied at the back of your neck all day. (Yep, say good bye to that indent!)

The T-Back style, paired with our classic triangle front, gives you all of the same great cleavage, support, and lift from the ALEXA Triangle Top, WITHOUT the need to worry about the possibility of a long day out on the boat or running around at the beach! Plus, with our added “Candy” on the T-Back, get ready for a fun twist on what could otherwise be a sportier top. You tell us how fancy you feel like being! Sporty from the front, Party from the back… The mullet of bikini tops?!?! 😉

#039 JENNA – Our Handkerchief Tankini Top
Good for sizes: XS-E
JENNA is the friend you want to have around when you’re totally into a two-piece, but just want a little extra tummy coverage. JENNA is your BFF and your BBT (Best Bikini Top OBVI)

The handkerchief cut of this top gives a playful amount of coverage from the front, without putting you into yards of material (this isn’t grandma’s swimsuit). This is the perfect alternative! Sporty, yet tastefully sexy, the built in shelf bra will keep you in place, and the secure hook back will have you ready to lay out or dive in anywhere.

#050 SIRI – Our Underwire X-Back Bikini Top
Good for sizes: C-F+
SIRI solves all of your problems when you ask her questions on your phone, and our SIRI top will solve all of your problems with lift and support in a bikini.

This soft-cup design allows you to fill out the cup yourself, since we know most ladies C-cup+ aren’t looking for anything heavily padded. The x-back design allows full adjustability, meaning you can be a 32 band or a 48 band, and we’ll have you covered. Plus as the day goes on, and the girls inevitably get heavier, you can pull them a bit tighter and secure yourself comfortably for hours more. Did we mention the x-back?? It doesn’t tie around your neck!!! This top comes standard in a sexy cleavage version, but we can easily give you more coverage – just let us know!

#051 ROSALIND – Our Corset Back Triangle Top *Currently Available In-Store Only*
Good for sizes: AA-F+
ROSALIND is yes, yet another version of our beloved triangle top. We weren’t kidding when we said our triangle design and construction were the bomb.

Let’s talk about the back. The corset feature adds a fun and flirty detail to the back, all while allowing us to have a wider side band, meaning that your girls will be held securely in the front. It’s all about teamwork after all! This top is also finished with a seamless edge, so that wider side band will feel like the softest, most comfortable thing you’ve ever had on. And the front? Same support, security, cleavage, and coverage that you’ll find in our classic triangle and halter styles. (See ALEXA and RACHEL above.) Last thing… No tie around the neck. You’re welcome.

#062 DOLLY – Our Supportive Bra Top *Coming Soon 2017*
Good for sizes: D-Z <Yep!
DOLLY is, you guessed it, named for Ms. Parton herself. Honoring our promise to comfortably and beautifully fit any and every size bust, the DOLLY was created for every time you busty babes out there have ever put on your favorite bra and thought to yourself, “If only THIS were my bikini top!”.

DOLLY is a fully structured cup, complete with underwire, power mesh, plus a no-stretch widely set shoulder strap that won’t dig in OR stretch and give out on you. (We aren’t into saggy bottoms or saggy bust lines.) The sash-like tie back means you can securely tighten your girls in with comfortable adjustability, plus it will look like a swimsuit, not a bra!

Well ladies, those are our go-to’s, and we can’t wait to help you in selecting the perfect fit! Like bra shopping, bikini tops can be daunting, but we take pride in being able to create exactly what you want. Don’t worry, don’t settle, and don’t you dare compromise on your next suit!

For questions you can reach us at 855-519-9509 24/7 or by email at

#SundayFunday with the beautiful @ali_like_the_cat in her #CustomKINI

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.44.34 PM

#SundayFundaywith the beautiful @ali_like_the_cat in her#CustomFit #BeachCandySwimsuit ? Have you ever seen a Sexier Neon Yellow Bikini so Substantial & Supportive?! #Nope?? Believe the Buzz… ✨#BeachCandyDoesItBest If you have fallen victim to compromised swimwear you know who to call!!! ? #BadBikiniBusters ???#HappyWeekend Babes!! XO


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.11.48 PM
  • Dear Beloved#BeachCandyBabes
    If you happened to have been driving down#PCH and seen the giant #MOVINGSALEsigns in the windows here at #BeachCandy, don’t be alarmed! I like to say that we’re ‘going glocal’ – taking BeachCandy globally, into the lives of women everywhere. Don’t worry we aren’t going far!

    Our new home will only be a mile or two away, and I look forward to inviting you directly into the mix of BeachCandy. We’ve created a non-conventional, “#ProjectRunway-like” setting, where we’ll be able to Skype and interact with women around the world, all while continuing our hand-beaded touches, on-site production and our signature Custom Fittings. As you know, we are very proud to care about an extra quarter-inch in coverage, going the mile for super supportive tops so that every client leaves happy, and we have built a brand by caring about one woman at a time.

    Over the last 6 years we have become a big fish in the small pond of#OrangeCounty. Inspired by the growth of our online store, and the need for swimwear that actually works, fits, and makes a difference in people’s lives. We are excited to make an even bigger impact solving the gaping issues with #swimwearthroughout the world through e-commerce, distribution, and #traveling globally with the#brand. One conversation, one beautiful body, and one #perfect #swimsuit at a time – no matter where you might be in the world! Stay Tuned!? #InspiredByYou

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#HappyWeekend! This Is Why We Do What We Do…

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.45.15 AM

#HappyWeekend ??✨??BeachCandy Swimwear exists to make a difference with women every age, shape, and size. We exist so women can #sparkle throughout their ‎vacations and feel their best. We exist to Stop The Compromise with ‎Swimwear. We exist because every woman deserves the perfect swimsuit! BeachCandy Swimwear exists to SOLVE the biggest problem in the women’s swimwear industry, One Size Does Not Fit All.

You Say Friday, We Say @tashalitas!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.36.35 AM

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Nothing like lounging in a perfectly fit BeachCandy!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.34.25 AM

Another #NationalBikiniDay FAVE!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.27.20 AM

#HappyNationalBikiniDay!! ?✨ ??? One of Our Beloved & Beautiful Inside ? Out #BeachCandyBabes@brendalcarver Rockin’ her ? in Anguilla!!#LOTD #Swimwear #NationalBikiniDay#Coral #Bikini #Anguilla #CustomSwimsuit#Poolside #BeachDay [ROSALIND Corset Triangle & CARMEN CutOut Bottom] ☎️ Shop Link in Bio RTW or #CustomFit ?, BeachCandy Swim Co.

EXCITING NEWS!!! #BeachCandy is the Exclusive Sponsor for the #LARams Cheerleaders!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.21.18 PM

?EXCITING NEWS!! We Are Proud To Announce that BeachCandy is the Exclusive Swim Sponsor for the #LARAMS Cheer Squad!!! ? Stay Tuned!! This BeachCandied Shot is from an HBO Special being filmed, up next an entirely BeachCandyClad Calendar!! HELLO SUMMER 2016!!! ???@laramscheer#LARAMSCHEER #BeachCandySeason#Summertime #GameOn

Meet The Latest & Greatest BeachCandy Kini!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.01.42 PM

Meet The Latest & Greatest Kini that our BeachCandy Babes cannot get enough of!! Our ROSALIND top offers support for all cup sizes & eliminates the pain from tying around the neck, with a sizzlin’ corset back detail!!! The CARMEN Bottom has a seamless edge and a flirty hip cut-out, this is a moderate cut and higher rise! This is a #MustHave in any color!! ?SHOP BeachCandy In-Store this June to receive $10 OFF every $100 spent with BeachCandy Bucks!!

#BossLady BRITB feat. in @rivieramagazineoc!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.53.31 PM

Saturday Vibes with the #BossLady BRITB Herself!!! Featured this month in @rivieramagazine as the Fiercest Female in Orange County! ??????? Grab your copy today to read about our HUGE summer season!!!! #WeekendVibes #Summer #BeachCandyBabes [fabulously styled by @onquestyle & @sicelynstyle &]

Sunday Funday at the Bellagio!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.22.49 PM

? Always a Pleasure to Be at the Bellagio on a Sunday Funday!!! Lovin’ @neatnutrition (who is a beautiful new mommy) rockin’ our favorite NEW ARRIVAL of @BeachCandySwimwear at #CAPRI in the @bellagio!!! #Summer2016 #shenanigans #Swim #HotPink #BeachCandyBabes #FeelYourBest #LuxurySwimwear #RTW or #CustomMade #BeachCandyDoesItBest

Mommy N’ Me Swim!!! At our FAVE Candy Store @b.candy_oc !!!

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Is It Saturday Already?!!!

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