Bikini for C Section

Bikinis for C Section

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Top Five Best Bikini Bottoms to Hide C-Section Scars

Bikini for C Section

As an elite swimwear store in Orange County California the past 10 years we have noticed that bikini season is not always exciting due to different insecurities women have around the act of “wearing a swimsuit.” C-Section Scars are absolutely one of the reasons women have anxiety around the idea of swimsuit shopping. We hear you and specifically design swimwear to serve this issue. Here at BeachCandy Swimwear we believe every woman deserves to feel confident and secure with their bodies. A strong bikini bottom to cover and hold in the scar and even the little pouch it can create is a very common request with our clientele, which is why we are writing this blog to make life just that much easier. Here are our top five bikinis for c section scars.

  1. ALEXA Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom

The ALEXA Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom in the FULL COVERAGE option is perfect to hide C-section scars because this style comes up higher on the stomach as well. The ALEXA Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom provides women with adjustability, comfort, and style. This bestselling style is available in several different colors and variations in order for everyone to find their perfect look.

full coverage bikini bottom

  1. Kimberly Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

You can say goodbye to all swim-anxiety with the Kimberly Full Coverage Bikini Bottom. These bottoms were designed for a fuller coverage that allow women to have tummy control with no squeeze at the hips. These bottoms have a no elastic fold-over waistband which sits perfectly on your hips and feels as smooth and yummy as yoga pants. The Kimberly Full Coverage Bikini Bottom allows women to have a moderate rise that they can feel confident in and sophisticated in.

high waisted bikini bottom

  1. ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is a sassy retro take on tummy coverage that emphasizes your hourglass figure. The bottoms high waisted fit is also superb for tummy control and still allows you to feel fashion-forward. Literally toss your worries aside… order a cheeseburger poolside, enjoy your vacay, and feel the effortlessness of a perfectly fit swimsuit.

  1. CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottoms

The CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottoms is one of the most comfortable adjustable bikini bottoms in the market at large. The CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottoms fits flawlessly to your body due to the adjustable side tie. We recommend adding a cute ½ inch scrunch to the back to make your booty pop while your C-Section scars melt from your mind.

Swim Skort Bikini Bottoms

  1. KYLIE Swim Skort Bottoms

This skort is an alternative bikini bottom that is cut and engineered to be timelessly fashionable. The KYLIE Swim Skort Bottoms allow women to have full coverage and add some sass to their next vacay. While these bottoms were designed to eliminate any unwanted squeeze to the hips they also happen to cover the top of your thighs. “Chic Coverage and Comfort without Compromise…”

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