Best Gold Bikini

Best Gold Bikini

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Best Gold Bikini

Shop BeachCandy’s Limited Edition 24K Metallic Gold Bikini

A new LIMITED EDITION SERIES collection has finally arrived! This season, amaze the crowds of Ibiza or the poolside of Saint-Tropez with our 24k METALLIC GOLD bikini. We are certain that you will be just as obsessed with our 24K gold swimsuit collection as we are. Shop our bestselling silhouettes like our Signature BRITB VIP Bottom & our ALEXA Classic String Bikini.

How often do you wish you had a more sleek sexy luxe bikini for your next exotic getaway or staycation? You asked and we delivered! As a result, we have designed this shimmering golden high-quality bikini made to last and feel extraordinary with each wear. This is what we specialize in…making women feel their absolute best in a swimsuit. We guarantee you will feel like a golden goddess the moment you put on our 24k METALLIC GOLD bikini. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind swimsuit along with our vast online collection is available for your next shopping spree.

Continue reading to learn which of the three different incredible styles suit your golden swimwear needs the best!

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The 24K Metallic Gold Triangle Top is made from our Classic ALEXA Triangle style. This is the most supportive uplifting top in the world.  BeachCandy is known for supreme fit, expert construction, and luxury one-of-a-kind quality all around the globe. Our 24K Metallic Gold Triangle Top is no exception. The support of gives lifted round cleavage-enhancing shape to any bust line. Although it is absolutely designer recommended for D-E Cup shoppers, it flatters all bust sizes. We sell out of this triangle bikini top every season for a reason! Additionally, our genuine hand-beaded Swarovski Crystal detailing is simply a must add-on. This hand-beaded sparkle truly takes this golden bikini to new heights. All hand sewn, our BeachCandy crystal detailing is made to have a long lasting sparkle. The gems follow along from the cup to the neckline. The Genuine Swarovski Crystals are guaranteed to not chip, crack or fade.

Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.


The BRITB Signature Swarovski VIP Bikini Bottom is also now available in our limited edition 24k metallic gold. Our infamous bottom has been featured as Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated, E! News, and countless other national magazines. Most importantly, this flawless fit comes with two distinct coverage options so women feel comfortable as they flaunt their stuff on the beach. Choose from a full coverage or cheeky coverage in the back. In addition, you can choose if you would like a scrunched booty as well! An elastic sewn-in designed to add that extra pucker towards the back end of the bikini bottom, a scrunch is a great addition to the gold bikini. Scrunches are also customizable! A half scrunch simply offers a little dimension to a lady’s backside. While a full scrunch is also available for the ultimate pop of curvature.

Our Signature CANDY Beading Options

The VIP “Candy” hips are available in two distinct options: Light VIP & Full VIP. Hand-beaded at our design headquarters in California, the Full VIP is complete with over 500 individually handwoven Swarovski Crystals. We guarantee the beading on this swimsuit and truly recommend the Full VIP to all shoppers. Concerned about the fit? Give our design team a call directly with the number listed at the top of our website.

Meanwhile, the Light VIP is the more economical option with less sparkle of about 150 Swarovski Crystals, all hand beaded as well. We became inspired after our FULL VIP made such a splash in the market, so we created the Light VIP. Consisting of 5 stands across the hip, the Light VIP is just as breathtaking. Similarly, the Light VIP combines glam with subtle style. For all those women who want that extra spark without compromising the effect, you will fall in love with out Swarovski Crystal beading. Ultimately, the flawless crystals are made to last, sparkle, and shine forever with our VIP bikini. This limited edition GOLD METALLIC is a must-have timeless swimsuit.

Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.


The 24k Metallic Gold Tie Bikini Bottom is a perfect bikini bottom that truly ignites ease, comfort, and adjustability. You are able to place an order with the option of cheeky American Brazilian or full coverage in the rear. The fuller coverage bottom comes up 1/2″ higher on the tummy and allows for full coverage in the booty. This is truly a magnificent adjustable bikini and simply a must-have in our limited edition METALLIC GOLD SERIES.

For instance, there is nothing like wrapping this sexy designer luxury gold bikini bottom around your hips and feeling it’s effortless comfortability instantly. From the tassel tie sides and the coverage options in the rear, this is the best bikini bottom money can buy. The tie sides guide the amount of coverage and custom fit desired. These offer the bikini bottoms a fuller cover to a sexier style. Now offered in the limited edition METALLIC 24K GOLD, it is truly the ultimate luxury bikini bottom. Shop this look now. This limited edition look is available til supplies last.

Shop the This Limited Edition Look Online Now

Furthermore, this Gold Metallic Bikini Bottom is sleek, classy and simple all at the same time. With this golden metallic bikini bottom, provides adjustable tie sides for comfort and support. The shimmery fabric for these state luxury and style. Feel your best in the gold metallic bikini bottom or paired with the rest of our 24K golden swimsuit collection

To sum everything up, this limited-edition gold metallic bikini collection is stunning for women of all ages and sizes. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this collection. Over at BeachCandy Swimwear, we offer world class customer service to help with any needs from finding the right bikini top, custom fit monokini or more.

Want to custom order a swimsuit in our LIMITED EDITION METALLIC GOLD fabrication? Begin by taking our Custom Swimsuit Quiz Online to define the exact design of your dreams. After the Quiz is complete you will receive an email with instructions on next steps to take…

Finally, remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION SERIES so make your way to checkout asap babes! Xx

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