Who We Are

About BeachCandy Swimwear - Designer Swimwear

BEACHCANDY SWIMWEAR was born out of owner/designer, Brit B’s personal pursuit of the perfect swimsuit for ALL female forms. A creative soul from the beginning, Brit spent her early years sewing in her home creating everything from bikinis to evening gowns for friends and local clients. But her real passion has always been swimwear. Born and raised in Orange County, the beach was never too far, and the sun was always shining. The one thing that women could never seem to find was their own version of a truly perfect swimsuit. Brit was constantly hearing women saying things like “this will do”, or “if only the (fill in the blank) were different!” And so her lifelong mission began, in 2007 she trademarked the name BEACHCANDY at 20 years old, in which the sole purpose was to resolve the universal issue with swimwear… One Size Does Not Fit All.

From the beginning, skillfully creating patterns for each individual swimsuit is her trademark and the reason behind the fit, the success, and the brand. She always attributes her success at such a young age to her incredible alma mater PRATT in Brooklyn NYC along with her incredibly savvy mentors along the way. Today, the BEACHCANDY Design Studio is one-of-a-kind, where women from all walks of life can shop, design, and create anything their tropical passions desire. From a chic local storefront with a production studio in the back on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar for their first 6 years… BEACHCANDY now is a two-story design loft in Costa Mesa, California with a focus that has now expanded globally through their state-of-the-art online commerce platform, to hosting real-time Skype fittings with clients all over the world, as to ensure the perfect BeachCandy is available for every woman. 

The extraordinary moment every woman has with BEACHCANDY is in the FIT, whether women find it in the RTW Collection or embark on the Custom-Made experience. BEACHCANDY exists to be a swimwear sanctuary for women around the world who are simply finished with the compromise found everywhere else. Every single design in the collection is intentional, and with a masterful level of care that makes BEACHCANDY Babes of all ages, shapes, and sizes finally feel their very best in a swimsuit.