BeachCandy Repairs

Our Swarovski beaded ‘CANDY’ is a signature design element that truly transforms our perfectly fit swimwear to be the height of sophistication. We do guarantee that the beading done on-site is made to never chip, break, or fade, when taken care of properly. See Care Instructions

We can repair and refurbish the CANDY beading of BeachCandy Swimwear. Please write to or call us at 1-855-519-9509.

For all repairs, we require that the swimsuit is sent to us. We evaluate the swimsuit, confirm beading issue and we will then inform you of the cost and length of time to repair the swimsuit. We have found that as a result of the hand-crafted nature of our products evaluating a repair from an image is not sufficient.

We charge $40 to evaluate each swimsuit in the United States. This fee covers shipping and handling both ways as well as insurance cost. If you decide to go forward with the repair cost, this $40 fee is credited towards the total repair cost. For any repairs of swimwear outside of the United States, the fee is $100 as a result of the higher cost of shipping. For repairs of bags in Canada, the fee is $150. Again, these fees are credited towards the total repair cost should you decide to repair your BeachCandy.