ENews-1073x604 BeachCandy featured on E! News

BeachCandy featured on E! News

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iframe> BeachCandy featured on E! News

BeachCandy E! News – BRITB shared her expert opinion on the Hot Holiday Swimwear Trends this year and which suits the celebs are wearing!


“We are every woman. We are every size, age, color, and build, we are strong, we are sophisticated, and we are sexy. We are the perfect swimsuit.”

Born and raised in Orange County, Brit B. was a creative soul from the beginning. She spent her early years sewing in her parent’s garage, creating everything from bikinis to evening gowns for friends and local clients. While attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NYC, BEACHCANDY SWIMWEAR was born: Brit’s own personal pursuit to create the perfect swimsuit for ALL women.

Brit found immediate success in allowing women to decide for themselves what made a swimsuit ‘sexy’ or ‘sophisticated’, and thus her lifelong mission was established. She trademarked the name BEACHCANDY at just 20 years old, and set out to change the way women thought and felt about swimwear.

Over a decade later, she has transitioned from a chic beachfront boutique and production studio, to a two-story design loft where women all over the world can have one-on-one Skype fittings with Brit herself, and every swimwear dream becomes a reality.

Through it all Brit’s talents in patternmaking, construction, and her exquisite attention to detail have created global success. Her unparalleled fit, functionality, and custom swimwear offerings lend to the swimwear sanctuary she has built; a place where ALL women can come to finally feel their absolute best in a swimsuit.

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