BeachCandied Fitness Competition Swimsuit

Custom Fitness Competition Swimsuit

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BeachCandy Client in Fitness Competition | BeachCandy Swimwear

Custom Fitness Competition Swimsuit

So proud of our BeachCandy client in a fitness competition. Our gorgeous BeachCandy client entered into the 35+ Age Bikini Fitness Category and she did amazing! She placed 5th in her category and deserves all the recognition for all of her hard work and dedication. The BeachCandy team is honored to have been involved with this tremendous and growing experience. Our mission was to make her feel confident in comfortable on stage and she did!

All in all, the amount of work and dedication that went into this process was enormous and it definitely payed off. She looked beautiful and sexy on stage in her BeachCandy Swimwear. The bikini was designed with Swarovski Crystal and it looked absolutely gorgeous beneath the stage lights. As a result, the bikini complemented her body and defined her muscles perfectly.

In addition, her motivation throughout the process was inspiring to the BeachCandy Team. She empowered us to make her a swimsuit that would accurately represent her journey of hard work. She reminded us to stay true to yourself and that anything is possible if you stay committed to the process and journey. Every women deserves to feel confident in their own skin and BeachCandy is so proud to have been a part of her success.

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