Expert Fit Guide For Our BeachCandy Babes

Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit for your Body Type

Shopping for a glamorous swimwear can be daunting. From browsing so many fashion design blogs and learning what the current swimwear trends are. But finding the perfect complimentary bikini set just became easier through our Fit Guide for All BeachCandy Babes. From figure slimming monokini one piece swimsuits to bra sized triangle tops and best bikini bottom for you. Finding the right swimsuits for all body types just became a breeze with this tool. This simply provides our design team’s suggestions amongst our vast collection of high-quality swimsuits that would best for your exact body and the common issues women face when shopping for their ideal swimsuit.

We have chosen a few select BeachCandy Babes to model their exquisite silhouettes that accentuate their flawless personal styles and help you discover and relate. In order to shop online with east and find the best bathing suit for your body type.  Thanks to our luxury craftsmanship and mission to execute engineered swimsuits for all body types. Shop our bestselling halter top, swim tops of all kinds, & the best bikini bottom for your body shape. 

From pear shape or apple shaped, we have the swimsuit for you.


All women deserved to be empowered in the exact swimsuit they want, need, & desire. Confidence is the keyword in every woman’s quest for their idea of the perfect swimsuit. And after 10+ years in business we have heard it all. Therefore we have decided to categorize the best swimsuits we offer. Inspired and engineered to fit specific feminine features. ALL women are searching for the right suit that brings them confidence. Coverage in desired areas whether it be a high waisted bottom or Brazilian boyshort. Lift in the chest area especially for larger busts. And an overall sense of joy, style, & empowerment.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we are here to find the suit that best complements your physique. Learn more about your body silhouette here with us and find a BeachCandy that you can feel extraordinary in.

Select Your Shape

What Is Full Bust & Slim Hips?
Full Bust & Slim Hips

A women who is heavy in the bust and has small hips. Having a large bust can cause difficulties when swimming. We will help you with that problem. An inverted triangle would be another way to associate this body type with a straight / squared shoulder line and having the bottom half your body be smaller than your top. Mix and match bikini swimwear can showcase a more proportional look. Our NILO Supportive Bra Bikini Top is a great supportive swimsuit top that provides security and style. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we want to accentuate your best features and discover the best bikini for your body. No need to squish your chest with comfortable and supportive swimsuit top options like our ELLEN Corset Halter Bikini Top that has adjustable support for your bust line. Classic tie sides and strappy detailing will bring balance to your shape. We offer a cheeky coverage to a full coverage bottom on all of our swimsuits.
What Is Athletic?
Athletic Build

Are you a dedicated gym rat who worships her body like a temple? If so you may have an athletic body type. This body type is one to flaunt and definitely be proud of! Your hard work has paid off giving you great tone and muscles! However, this body type can definitely be tricky to style, especially when it comes to bikinis. Most bikini companies expect women to be curvy and design swimsuits for this purpose. However, having an athletic body means you have a pretty straight and tight figure! So what are your options? Settle for a bikini that hands or sags? Never! At BeachCandy Swimwear we make it our mission to design swimsuits for EVERY body type! Don’t ever worry about a suit not fitting again.

A women who has an athletic body shape. You worked hard for your toned body and definitely should show it off. The rectangle body type would be another way to associate swimsuits shapes towards. These body physiques are also straight shoulder line but can show definition in the right places with our suits. Suits that will best flatter your figure are suits that create dimension and highlight your feminine curves. Bold colors and fun fabrics display that toned waistline and create a define curvature. Sexy two piece bikinis are ideal to show off those sculptured abs you sweat for as well.  Monokini swimsuits are exceptionally ideal to add the right curves around your waistline and also bring out more dimension. Our SANTORINI Tie-Side Monokini is stylish, comfortable and is perfect for any lady who wants to enhance her hourglass curves and rock her confidence. High waisted swimsuits are perfect for accentuating your natural waist and flaunt your gorgeous legs. Let us help you find a chic and flattering swimsuit.

What Is Small Shoulders & Large Bottom?
Small Shoulders & Large Bottom

Do you have small shoulders, thin arms, defined waist, and a large bottom? Then you must be a pear shaped babe! The pear shape is one of the sexiest and most sought after body types today. Celebrities like Kylie Kardashian have made the Pear shape not only popular, but super sexy! And you should feel sexy! Having a pear shaped body allows you to flaunt your beautiful curves-which looks especially hot in a bikini! Finding a top and bottom that match and fit you is probably a lot harder than most people think! At BeachCandy you won’t have to worry about this problem! We don’t sell sets, instead we allow you to mix and match any top and bottom. All of our styles can be worn together through complimenting colors and patterns. Be confident in your beach set with bottoms that flatter your booty and a top that gives you great lift and support!

A women with small shoulders and a large bottom. It can be a challenge to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly. A pear body shape is best characterized as full hips, narrow shoulders and a smaller torso. Giving a break between the chest and the rest of the suit enhances the bust in all the right ways.  Full coverage bikinis are never boring at BeachCandy Swimwear. In fact, coverage and support while maintaining a smokin’ sophisticated design is what we are all about. Our designer’s personal favorite (for she has had large hips as long as she can remember) is the JENN Slim Scrunch Hipster in Full Coverage that has a seamless no-squeeze elastic in the waistband which is perfect for the seamless look. Another option, our cute tankinis provide a loose and comfortable coverage. We specialize in swimsuits that hide belly pooch as this is a common request. Extreme push up bikinis offer balance in your bust line and keep all eyes center front. Try elongating your leg line as well with high cut bikini bottoms. We are happy to assist you in finding the most flattering bathing suit that fits you perfectly.

What Is Curvy?

Full bust, small waist, and a full bottom? Babe you have the ultimate and desired hourglass shape! You were meant to strut that beach in a sexy bikini! A curvy body looks amazing in swimwear, but you need to make sure it fits you perfectly! Having a curvy body can be tricky when it comes to shopping. A lot of generic bathing suit brands make bikinis WAY too tiny these days. With unsupportive straps, small triangle tops with no coverage, and a lack of overall support- you feel like a fish out of water! At BeachCandy Swimwear we make sure every babe out there can find a suit that compliments her and grants her total beach confidence. With the option to pick a top and a bottom that fit, our options are endless! We have specifically engineered a few of our suits with our curvy babes in mind. With quality design, superb construction, and amazing support you will feel and look amazing all day long!

Swimsuits for women with curves. The most classic female form in history, the hourglass body type, where your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waist is defined. A full hourglass body figure is best described as a smaller proportional waist line, full bust with a rounded bottom & hips section. High leg swimsuits accentuate your figure to capture a longer and leaner physique. Maximum support and style comes from extra supportive bust lines and superior high performance fabric. The RACHEL Engineered Support Halter is great with its “CANDY” sliders at the neckline that can be either cinched down for a sexier look or slide up for a little more coverage. Fuller bust swimwear truly exists with our BeachCandy Swimwear collection. From having high necks with adjustable straps that offer extra support to a sexy one piece swimsuit, we have the best swimsuits for moms and anyone ready to stylish and supportive. Swimwear for mature women that want hide their stretch marks can now do so with our full coverage bikinis that provide a modest swimsuit style. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit to flaunt all your assets. Or as we like to say, chic coverage and comfort without compromise.
What Is Full Figure?
Full Figure

Are you sick of seeing those generic itty bitty yellow polka dot bikinis everywhere? Normal women weren’t meant to fit into those tiny unsupportive little things! Shopping for a bathing suit is a huge challenge these days! With most bathing suit companies focusing on the sample size model, full-figured babes are losing confidence in themselves! An apple shape body is voluptuous and oh so sexy! Other brands just don’t know how to design swimsuits that fit and flatter you! At BeachCandy Swimwear we made it our mission to design suits for every body type! No woman should feel uncomfortable rocking her body at the beach! From sexy two pieces to full coverage one pieces we offer it all! Never settle for a suit that wasn’t made for you body in mind! With BeachCandy we ensure a bathing suit that will enhance your curves, lift your bust, and give you complete confidence!

We specialize in creating the best swimsuits for full figure women. Shop our bestsellers to find classic swimsuit styles you will love for a lifetime. We encourage all our women to be specific in their quest for finding the perfect swimsuit. Most women have compromised so long while blaming their bodies. Well guess what, we blame the brands out there for not knowing their client and the fit necessary to make women feel extraordinary. An apple body shape is another way editorials have described the full physique. It’s characteristics of a rounder shoulder line, fullness around the torso area and normally a larger bust line. When it comes to our full figure clients we start with the question what do you feel like your best self in? Supportive Bikinis with Full Coverage, Sexy Well Built One Pieces, or a Chic Comfortable Tankini Style. We specialize in all swim, but our tummy control swimwear styles are commonly requested by our full figure clients and flatter your best curves. We always check to make sure your assets are secure along with the preferred coverage on the bottom.

It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit to flaunt all your assets. Or as we like to say, chic coverage and comfort without compromise. If you still cannot find what you are looking for? Our Custom Swimsuit Service is truly our claim to fame from our beginnings as a brand. Women from all over the world bring us their favorite old swimsuit, old bra, or a myriad of photos to start with. From there we decide on the completely custom-made design you would like and produce a fit garment. Next we schedule a fitting either in-person or over Skype. And ultimately a final garment is made & you are on your way to vacay with your ideal swimsuit made just for you. To begin the experience, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz Online Now.

What Is Petite?

Small waist, bust, hips, and overall frame? You are one of our petite babes! Shopping for a quality swimsuit is especially hard for this body type! Most suits will fit in the store, but then stretch and get extremely baggy! This is so unflattering especially for our girls with tiny bodies! You need a suit that will flatter your body and stay secure and tight! BeachCandy Swimwear has you covered! Our swimsuits are made with the best quality so they won’t stretch, won’t budge, and will give you excellent support!

A women who are looking for petite swimwear have come to the right place. We help you choose the perfect designer swimsuits that are tailored to your figure. A style that suits your figure perfectly brings priceless joy while highlighting your favorite feminine curves. The petite body type would be best distinguished as having a lean column like figure with narrow shoulders, leaner waist, narrow hips and a smaller bust. With a petite figure you have incredible options at BeachCandy whether you want a modest swimsuit or a bikini with some sizzle, we have you covered. The ELLEN Push Up Halter Top creates a sexy push up bikini style with lifted cleavage and a beautifully high fashion supportive bust line. Mix and match printed swimsuits are a great way to add dimension and elongate your figure. String bikini tops and bottoms accentuate your petite figure through its adjustable straps, providing more or less coverage wherever desired. The options are endless and we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit just for you.