Meet Juli, a Fav Client & the Owner of Sweet Skin Studio

The Professional Art of Body Sugaring is a 100% all Natural alternative to facial and body hair removal that is less painful, more effective, longer lasting and best of all ORGANIC! Body Sugaring results in re-growth being finer and lighter than before, and depletes the hair follicle faster than alternative hair removal methods. Body Sugaring keeps your hair away longer because it is removed completely from the root in hair growth direction with a soft, all natural Sugar Paste while naturally exfoliating your skin.Sugaring is less painful than waxing, because the substrate sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin; as opposed to waxing never lifting live skin tissue while hair is removed in the natural growth direction, not against. Sugaring is a method of epilation that has been used since 1900 BC, dating back to the Cleopatra days of Ancient Egypt. You will see fantastic results after just your first Sugaring appointment; your skin will feel soft, sweet and smooth! Our unique Hand-Held Sugaring methods eliminate chance of broken hairs, and minimizes ingrown hairs caused with hot wax or shaving.
Your first 3 Sugaring sessions are the most important so it is imperative to have these appointments booked fairly close together to achieve substantial hair reduction and follicle depletion more quickly, as well as maintain optimal results.

Each of our Staff is Licensed, Professionally trained and Certified by Sweet Professional in the Professional Art of Body Sugaring and is ready to answer whatever questions you may have about getting you to the sweet side of hair removal!

If you have any further questions please feel free to Contact US or visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information!
Be sure to read our page How to Prepare for Your Sugaring Appointment for helpful steps in preparation for your Sugaring Appointment.


Custom-Made BeachCandy Bikini in Sports Illustrated Ikat Print.

This FABULOUS Custom BeachCandy is our Favorite of the Week!From the flawless cut, repeated “X” detail on the hips & straps, Candy Colored Crystals with Gold Accents, and lastly, Seamless Underwire & Push-Up Pads. It looked stunning on this already wonderful woman! Enjoy your Beautiful BeachCandy in Hawaii!! XOXO